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How To Loosen Clip On Earrings

Don't Put Up With The Pinch!

How can I loosen clip on earrings? This has to be the most common question asked by every clip earring wearer.

Remember those romantic old black and white movies where the glamorous starlet waltzes to the telephone, gracefully pulls off one of her sparkling clip-on earrings and whispers sweet nothings to her beau? Notice how thereís never a single grimace or ounce of pinching pain that crosses her face as she pulls her diamond encrusted earring from her lobe?

Non-pierced ladies may be encouraged by the ever expanding ranges of clip on earrings available today but the relief of finding a pair that are comfortable enough to wear for an entire occasion, without having to dash to the ladies to release your lobes, is much like slipping your feet into a pair of comfy slippers after dancing all night in killer heels.

Donít put up with the pinch any longer! The majority of clip ons have classic paddle back hinged clasps which are set at their tightest; not to force you into having you ears pierced but simply because this style of clasp is very easy to loosen for a comfortable customised fit.

A Step by Step Guide to Loosen Clip Earrings:

1. Close the clasp on your earrings

2. Take a clip on earring key or a small screwdriver, place under the centre Tongue lever (shown right) and lift very slightly

3. Try your earrings on again

4. If they are still too tight, repeat steps 2 and 3 until your earrings feel comfortable.

5. Please remember to loosen in stages as it is easier to loosen hinged clasps then tighten them!

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