We should probably warn you that we’re about to share something that is ever so slightly addictive. Scrap that, it’s very addictive. Why? Because it involves two words: vintage style. We don’t need to say any more, right?!

Let’s be honest, most of us girls have an inner vintage style queen waiting to be unleashed, don’t we?! It could be that you’ve always admired a particular vintage icon (we’re thinking Marilyn’s curves or Audrey’s timeless beauty). Or maybe you fell in love with a movie that inspired your style (yes, Daisy Buchanan, we’re talking about you). Or it could that you adore vintage style in general but are just a little unsure which past decade is most in-tune with your own contemporary style.

Allow us to introduce our oh-so-cute, oh-so-fun Inspirational Style Era app which is about to answer your vintage-loving style prayers in less than 2 minutes…

Simply click (or tap!) the image below and let your instincts discover your vintage fashion decade and, wait for it, who your vintage style icon is! And don’t forget to tell us which style era you are by posting in the comment below – we’ll share ours, if you share yours!

Now go and unleash your vintage style icon…

Find your vintage style era

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