The Roaring Twenties jewellery and hair accessories were all about drama. Fabulous feathers and forehead bands dressed chic Bobs and finger waves in hairstyles that were shorter than ever before.

Layers of long pearls and pendants fell over loose fringed Flapper dresses of long pearls and statement cocktail rings holding the stem of a Martini glass boldly highlighted illegal drinking during the Prohibition.

Dramatic Roaring Twenties Style

With women given the right to vote for the very first time in 1920, it’s no surprise that the decade took fashion to a new daring and liberating level. Finally breaking free of the confinements of the corset, hemlines and hair-length went shorter than ever before. The iconic 1920s silhouette was straight and loose – perfectly unrestricted for a certain new dance craze called The Charleston.

An era renowned for its flamboyant accessories, statement headpieces were worn across the forehead and feathers dressed Marcel Waves. 1920s jewellery became much more daring. Coordinating sets from the previous decade were replaced with layers of waist-skimming pearl necklaces and long pendants. Jewelled bracelets and cuffs were stacked up the arm, drop earrings played peek-a-boo under chic Bobs and cocktail rings dressed the pointer finger thanks to the birth of a new social engagement name The Cocktail Party.

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1920s Style

It's no surprise that the release of The Great Gatsby catapulted 1920s accessories back into the spotlight and captured the hearts of many celebrities. A look that is bold and striking, it's rare to see an awards ceremony without a star rocking 1920s style in signature drop-waist dress and statement jewels.

One of the most admired icons of the Roaring Twenties, Louise Brooks' style epitomised the decade. A short bob, occasionally styled in waves, and dramatic accessories created a look which continues to be emulated today.

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