Geometric designs, slim lines, dazzling diamonds, decadent colours and luxurious metals; Art Deco jewellery epitomised the sheer elegance of this timeless style that has remained a modern day favourite.

More refined than the early Roaring Twenties but equally as opulent, chic hair accessories dressed infamous Marcel Wave hairstyles with divine Deco detailing that reflected the effortlessly elegance of the movement.

The Elegance of Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco flourished predominantly from the late 1920s and throughout the 1930s. With international popularity, the sophisticated style was epitomised by geometric lines, lavish materials and splashes of bold colour. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires were contrasted against crisp diamonds and deep onyx was accentuated in luxurious gold settings. Designs were clean, elegant and sharp with jewellery occasionally softened by the lustre of pearls.

Bold bracelets, lavish brooches and dramatic earrings featured heavily in every jewellery designer’s collection. Necklaces were commonly collar length with angular accents or long narrow pendants and ‘pieces’ were encrusted with a variation of diamond cuts. Art Deco hair accessories exhibited a subtle elegance with diamond adorned hair combs, pins and tiaras completing a parure (a matching jewellery set consisting of at least three pieces).

With such an iconic timeless yet modern style, it’s clear to see why Art Deco fashion accessories remain a firm red carpet favourite today.

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Art Deco Style

Clean, elegant lines give Art Deco jewellery a contemporary edge making the style a timeless red carpet favourite with countless celebrities today. Mixing sparkling diamonds with a splash of bright jewel tone gems takes a vintage look to current and effortlessly chic status for every occasion.

When a little vintage inspiration is needed, take note from the originals who embraced the sheer luxurious style of Art Deco with beautifully elegant jewellery.