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12 Unusual Proposal Ideas

November 13, 2016

Every proposal is special and unique but some proposers go as far as to be completely wacky and unusual. We take a look at some of the most unusual and quirky proposal ideas from around the world.

Unusual wedding proposal ideas

Images: Top Row via Elite Daily | Second Row Left via Huffington Post | Second Row Right via The Wedding Scoop | Third Row Left via How He Asked | Bottom Row via Etsy 

A Monopoly Proposal

Reddit user Justin shared his romantic proposal to his now fiancée Michal and it took the internet by storm! After finding an old Monopoly board lying around, Justin decided to customise it with places that meant something to their relationship and even created a secret trap door to hide the engagement ring.

A Harry Potter Proposal

How adorable is this Harry Potter marriage proposal? When Harry Potter super-fan Jaquie met her partner Rachel, she started to share her love for the movie franchise. When Rachel decided she wanted to propose, she knew she wanted to include Jaquie’s favourite film in the proposal and as you can see she really went to whole hog(warts!) with her idea!

A Kitten Proposal

What could be cuter than a romantic proposal? A romantic proposal with a kitten of course! Whether you are giving your other half a new pet or attaching the ring to your existing furry friend, this is such a memorable way to propose. Perhaps just make sure you keep the cat flap locked and the doors shut until you have that precious ring back.

A Photo Booth Proposal

Proposals caught on camera has been a huge trend over the past couple of years – and what easier way to make sure you capture every precious moment than by proposing in a photo booth? Couple Elliot and Danielle did exactly this and the photos are heart-warming.

A Christmas Proposal

One of the most popular times of year to propose is Christmas and it’s no surprise as it’s such a magical time that is all about family. For a truly romantic proposal, this ‘Will you marry me?’ bauble means you can pop the question as you decorate your Christmas tree. It can then be a decoration you use on your tree every year and it will have so much special meaning.

Unique wedding proposals

Images: Top Row Left via Huffington Post (as before) | Top Row Right via The Yes Girls | Second Row Left via Etsy (as before) | Second Row Right via The Berry | Third Row Left via Brides | Bottom Row via Buzzfeed

A Pokemon Proposal

Pokemon made a serious come back in 2016 and it’s even been reflected in the world of proposals! One Reddit user showed how they created their very own Poke Ball and hid the engagement ring inside for his fiancée to find.

A Book Proposal

If your other half is a literary lover then this is going to be the best book that they will ever receive. Why not create this using pages from their favourite novel to help make it extra special.

A Breakfast Proposal

In my opinion, a breakfast proposal is extra special. So many people choose to propose in the evening, but a breakfast proposal means you then get to spend the whole day celebrating. Making your loved one breakfast in bed is a cute idea and you can complete the proposal with a ‘Marry me?’ spoon.

A Beauty and the Beast Proposal

Fairytale lovers everywhere will fall in love with this romantic Beauty and the Beast proposal that includes the iconic red rose that shows when the beast has fallen in love.

An Aladdin Proposal

Another perfect proposal for Disney fans – this Aladdin proposal is a unique and romantic idea for an Aladdin who has found his Princess Jasmine, and that spectacular ring makes this even more perfect.

A Friends Proposal

When FriendsFest came to the UK, complete with a replica set of Monica and Chandler’s apartment, Friends super-fans Kunai and Radha just had to visit and Kunai took this moment to ask that all important question.

A Nintendo Proposal

When one woman’s Nintendo-loving boyfriend was yet to propose, she took matters into her own hands and created her very own Mario themed box and popped the question to him.

Will you be proposing over the festive season? We hope one of these unusual proposal ideas have inspired you!

Written by Caroline - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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