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Beautiful Vintage Wedding Cakes to Wow Your Guests

May 20, 2015

From bunting and birdcages to rustic flower arrangements, vintage wedding cakes hold limitless possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, elegant or a cake with a modern twist, there’s a bygone style to suit you. Take inspiration from our gallery of mouth-watering vintage themed wedding delights and if you’re feeling creative ask your designer to incorporate a couple of these ideas into one show-stopping masterpiece.

Pretty vintage wedding cake ideas

Images: Left via Dotty Vintage Weddings | Middle via Cotton and Crumbs | Right via Belle the Magazine

Florals certainly cannot be ignored when looking at vintage wedding cake designs.  Whether they are carefully sculpted in icing, hand painted onto a smooth fondant or adorned with fresh flowers, they really can bring your wedding theme together.  Gold touches can produce a very regal feel harking back to Victorian eras and whilst intricate icing details will add elegance and glamour.

Stunning vintage cakes for your wedding day

Images: Top Left via Flickr | Top Right via Kiss My Cake | Second Row Left via Curtis & Co | Second Row Right via The Enchanting Cake Company | Third Row Left via Adored Vintage | Third Row Right via Bridal Musings | Bottom Row Left via Amelie's House | Bottom Row Right via Curtis & Co

Summer brides will love pretty retro pastel cakes in delicate shades of mint green, blue and light pink. Who could resist a colour coded cake with beautifully textured butter icing replicating the folds of your wedding dress. If you’re wearing a lace dress ask your cake designer to incorporate edible lace into one or several tiers to complement the pastel colours of your bridesmaids dress. Decorating tiers with pastel macaroons has also become popular because of the dramatic 3-D result with brides looking to transform standard designs into show-stoppers.

Used as props to theme a wedding and as decorations in their own right, bunting and birdcages have an important place in the vintage wedding revival. Traditional 3-tier white wedding cakes are transformed when draped with iced bunting that guides the eye from the lower to the top tier. Birdcages can be used as cake toppers or, if your designer is feeling creative, your cake could take the shape of a 3D birdcage itself decorated with flowers and singing birds. Ask your designer to copy one of your centrepieces or search our Pinterest boards for more wedding cake inspiration.

Dainty vintage wedding cupcakes

Images: Left via Mod Wedding | Middle via Cotton and Crumbs | Right via Colin Cowie Weddings

Since they hit the wedding scene in a big way in 2009, cupcakes have remained popular with brides who want their wedding guests to enjoy their very own bite sized treats. Popular flavours include red velvet, chocolate, white chocolate with raspberry and lemon. Ask your cake designer to ice each cake in a slightly different shade of the one colour for an ombre effect or pass on a picture of your wedding and bridesmaids dresses so they can copy the detail in royal icing and top with vintage inspired blooms from your wedding bouquet. Cute!

Written by Anne - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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