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Pastel Peach and Soft Blue Wedding Inspiration

Coastal Romance: Beautiful Beach Wedding Inspiration

June 03, 2017

In the world of weddings, some trends come and go. Of the few that are always popular, a coastal wedding theme has to be one of the most beautiful. This look is elegant, natural and just so pretty.

Colours for a coastal wedding theme

Let’s start with your colour palette because, for a coastal theme, this is so important. Definitely start with blues and whites but keep the blues muted rather than super bright for the dreamiest look. Add in a little texture with driftwoods, shells, pebbles, rough fabrics and even twists of rope and you’ll have the perfect base for your wedding theme.

To make the coastal look work, keep everything as organic as possible. This isn’t a theme that needs to be perfectly neat and symmetrical. Instead, think of flowing fabrics, loose floral arrangements and details that look uncontrived and almost unplanned, as if they’ve just been washed up by the tide.

Ideas for a coastal wedding theme

Images: Top Row Left via Wedding Sparrow | Top Row Right via Ruffled | Second Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Second Row Right via Wedding Sparrow (as before) | Third Row Left via Intimate Weddings | Third Row Right - Delicate Pearl Side Tiara by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Row Left via The Every Last Detail | Bottom Row Right via Junebug Weddings

Outfits and accessories

Bridal outfits for a coastal themed wedding are, in my opinion, some of the most wildly romantic. Light, layered unstructured skirts with masses of tulle work perfectly here and you can add in structure with the bodice of the gown. If you’re feeling brave, a coloured dress is perfect but if you prefer a traditional look, take a look at designers such as Anna Campbell or Willowby by Watters.

As always, accessories will finish your bridal look to perfection and a pearl side tiara such as the Delicate Pearl Side Tiara by Glitzy Secrets is perfect. It brings some delicate sparkle to your ensemble and the pearls are the perfect nod to the ocean. For the perfect coastal look, a veil that can catch the breeze is a must-have.

Coastal beach wedding theme inspiration

Images: Top Row Left via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Top Row Right via Wedding Sparrow (as before) | Second Row Left via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Second Row Right via Etsy | Third Row Left - Waterfall of Love Earrings by Glitzy Secrets | Third Row Right via Wedding Sparrow (as before) | Bottom Row Left via Bridal Musings | Bottom Row Right via Style Me Pretty (as before)

Styling your coastal wedding

When it comes to decorations for your coastal wedding, there are so many great ideas out there to inspire you. Watercolour wedding stationery, signs made from driftwood and tablecentres that include lots of natural elements should all be on your list. To bring florals to life, add in lots of foliage alongside soft blooms such as roses. Make sure that everything is unstructured and why not finish your bouquet with long trailing ribbons?

Your coastal wedding definitely needs candles too. Think about large pillar candles in hurricane lanterns or coloured taper candles on tables and why not add some alternative decorations like shells, long fabric runners or raw-edged napkins? Shells, pieces or sea glass or small fragments of driftwood make fabulous place markers and, if you set them all out on a table, they’re also a great seating plan.

When it comes to food and drink, definitely take your inspiration from the sea. Sharing platters of seafood will make an excellent starter and cute individual prawn cocktails would be on-trend canapés. For your signature cocktails, a sea breeze really should be on the menu.

Lastly, there are so many ways that you can get creative with your coastal wedding if you’d like to try some wedding DIY. Easy crafts would definitely include pebble place markers or shell decorations. You could set up a ‘message in a bottle’ guest book or how about putting together some rope-wrapped vases? If you’re feeling adventurous, driftwood wedding signs or backdrops are a bigger make but will make all the difference to the look of your coastal wedding.

As the saying goes ‘time and time wait for no man’ so why not start planning right now!

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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