Fabulous Christmas Make Up Ideas for the 2016 Party Season

Glamorous Hairstyles for the 2016 Party Season

December 21, 2016

Struggling to think of glamorous hairstyles for the upcoming festive party season? Don’t fret, Glitzy Secrets have endless beautiful hair accessories to suit any hairstyle. From loose up-dos to boho braids, we’ve got it completely covered…

The Up-Do Hairstyle

Up-do Christmas hairstyles

Images: Top Left via Classic Hairstyles | Top Right - Luxe Treasure Hair Comb by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Left - Shooting Star Earrings by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Middle via Oh Best Day Ever | Bottom Right via MOD Wedding

An up-do is guaranteed to look elegant, and it means you can have heaps of fun accessorising your hairstyle ready for the party season. Add a touch of glamour to a loose up-do with a chic metallic hair comb. Glitzy Secrets have a huge collection to choose from, but I simply adore the Luxe Treasure Hair Comb. Featuring striking cognac crystals. it would look beautiful placed on the side of a tousled chignon or set in a ballerina bun. A glamorous pony tail looks perfect teamed with statement chandelier earrings. Glitzy Secret’s Shooting Star Earrings will look dazzling and they’re a perfect choice for a Christmas party or festive celebration.

The Half-Up Hairstyle

Accessories for a half-up party hairstyle

Images: Top Left via Stylecaster | Top Row Right - Delicate Vine Hair Pins by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Left - Forties Sparkle Clip On Earrings and Vine of Extravagance Headpiece by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Right via Pretty Designs

Let’s move onto how you can style a classic half-up hairstyle. A popular option for ladies who want to soften the feel of an up-do, this party-ready hairstyle will look oh-so-gorgeous. Braids are a beautiful way to creating a half-up hairstyle. Add a dash of sparkle to bohemian braids with Glitzy Secrets’ Delicate Vine Hair Pins. The combination of delicate pearls and silver sparkles creates a wonderful look that’s perfect for the 2016 party season. The best news? They’ll help tie those braids in place so you don’t have to worry about your hair unravelling half-way through the night. Add a vintage touch to your party look with the Forties Sparkle Clip On Earrings – they’ll catch the light every way you turn, and they’re a stunning way to complement a half-up hairstyle. If you want to go all out with sparkling hair accessories, opt for a crystal hair vine such as the Vine of Extravagance Headpiece and work it into the back of your hair. Your Christmas party outfit is sorted.

The All-Down Hairstyle

Hair accessories for all down festive hairstyles

Images: Top Left via Pinterest | Top Right - Bouquet of Elegance Side Tiara by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Left - Vintage Love Headband and Graceful Charm Earrings by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Right via Fashionisers

Why not wear your hair completely down and accessorise with a pretty hairband? If you adore all things vintage, look no further than Glitzy Secrets’ Vintage Love Headband. It’s a simple yet beautiful way of adding a sensational sparkle to your hairstyle – especially if the rest of your outfit is ultra-twinkly. Alternatively, style your hair with the Bouquet of Elegance Side Tiara and dazzle your way through the Party Season. A simple pair of stud earrings will look gorgeous glinting in the Christmas fairy lights – it’s impossible not to swoon over a pair of Glitzy Secrets’ Graceful Charm Earrings. They’re an essential accessory for a fabulous festive event.

Written by Lottie - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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