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Glittering Metallic Weddings

March 30, 2016

When it comes to the world of weddings, metallic is the new black. Whether it's glitter or gold leaf, brides are embracing their inner magpie and incorporating metallic shades into their wedding day. If you'd love a little sparkle in your day but don't know which metal is your match, here's some gorgeous metallic wedding inspiration to help you choose...


Perfect for weddings that are: opulent, romantic, classic

Best season: any!

Pair with: jewel tones, black, or pastel pink and peach

Metallic gold wedding ideas

Images: Top Row Left via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | Top Row Right - Petals of Gold Hair Comb by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Left via Junebug Weddings | Second Row Right via Artfully Wed | Bottom Row Left - Peach Passion Bracelet by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Row Right via Style Me Pretty

The gold wedding theme has made a huge comeback in recent years, largely because this opulent metal is so versatile. Traditionally, gold is viewed as an extravagant colour associated with wealth and fortune, but these days it's taken on a much more modern edge.

When it comes to decor, gold works well either as a full-on colour theme, or with small touches here and there; to make a big impact, hire or buy large pieces such as candelabra, gold sequin table runners or metallic vases for your centrepieces. Ornate gold frames are also surprisingly cheap and easy to find nowadays, and they make fantastic table numbers or table plans. If you just want a touch of gold, then try gold calligraphy on your stationery or a sparing amount of gold leaf on your macaroon favours.

Gold is also one of the easiest colours to integrate into your bridal look. Gold sequin dresses are becoming more and more popular for brides looking for that extra bit of sparkle, or you can opt for traditional ivory with gold beading or embroidery for a more classic look. Finish the look with gorgeous gold jewellery and metallic heels.


Perfect for weddings that are: modern, sleek, elegant

Best season: Winter

Pair with: White, navy blue, grey or pale pink

Inspiration for a metallic silver wedding theme

Images: Top Row Left via Charlotte Mills Bridal | Top Row Right via Brides | Second Row Left - Ornate Heirloom Earrings by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via MOD Wedding | Third Row Left via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Bottom Row Left via Ruffled | Bottom Row Right - Moonlight Shimmer Hair Pins by Glitzy Secrets

Silver is a classic wedding theme, because it's a timeless shade that never dates. Unlike gold, which can be overwhelming in smaller venues or reception spaces, silver looks fantastic in all spaces and can easily be adapted to suit your theme.

Like any of the metallics, silver suits all the seasons, but it naturally comes into its own in Winter. A chic silver and white theme is the ideal choice for an elegant Winter wedding – just opt for clean white flowers in silver hurricane vases, bridesmaids in sparkling silver sequins or shimmering satin, and plenty of crystals. If you're marrying in the warmer months but have your heart set on silver, pastel pink and dove grey make for beautiful Spring/Summer choices.

Although you may struggle to find silver wedding dresses, silver is by far the most popular choice for jewellery and accessories – after all, a lot of couples choose platinum or white gold wedding rings! Silver jewellery and hairpieces are also the most flattering choice, as they suit most hair colours and skin tones.

Rose gold

Perfect for weddings that are: Pretty, feminine, fun

Best season: Spring or Summer

Pair with: Blush, peach, ivory, other metallics

Rose gold metallic wedding colour scheme ideas

Images: Top Row Left via Fab You Bliss | Top Row Right via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Second Row Left - Golden Rose Angel Necklace by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via MOD Wedding (as before) | Bottom Row Left via Smitten Mag | Bottom Row Right via Jupiter and Juno

The new kid on the block, rose gold is the latest metallic to take the wedding world by storm. This pretty pink metallic shade is the favourite of girly brides everywhere, with bronze being a more yellow-toned version of the colour. Although it looks incredible paired with shades of blush and pink for a feminine wedding theme, it also be easily toughened up with industrial elements such as brick and glass.

When it comes to seasons, rose gold looks amazing in sunny Spring or Summer weddings, paired with large blousy blooms like pale pink peonies or white hydrangeas. Investing in a rose gold sequin table runner is the easiest way to add a touch of metallic to your table, or you can buy a copper-coloured paint spray and DIY some decorations. For a chic take on the trend, keep your table largely ivory or white, but hire rose gold cutlery and chiavari chairs.

Because rose gold is so popular at the moment, you're guaranteed to find some stylish rose gold hair accessories to wear on the day. It looks absolutely beautiful paired with a romantic blush ball gown or pink bridesmaids dresses. If in doubt, you can always paint your nails a cute copper shade for a modern twist on the bridal mani!

Written by Izzy - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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