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How To Flatter Every Bridesmaid with Mismatched Dresses

July 03, 2017

So you’ve picked out your bridal squad, and now it’s time to pick out their aisle style! Whether you’ve got two bridesmaids or ten, shopping for their outfits is always going to be a difficult task. Your team of ‘maids will be all sorts of different shapes, sizes and styles so it’ll be almost impossible to pick a dress that each bridesmaid feels comfortable wearing. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses hit the scene a couple of years ago and in 2017, they’re as popular as ever. Is it any wonder? They offer lots of lovely options for your bridesmaids to wear, meaning they feel comfortable and confident as they support you on your wedding day. Take a look at why we’re loving this trend and how you can pull off the mismatched bridesmaid style…

Mismatched bridesmaid dress ideas

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Giving your best girls the option of mismatched bridesmaids means they can find something that they adore and that they may even choose to wear after your special day. If you ask them to wear something they probably wouldn’t pick out for themselves, chances are they simply won’t enjoy your day as much as they would as they’ll be feeling self-conscious.

If you would rather your girls did wear matching dresses, it might be worth considering multi-gowns for your girls. The colour, length and material can be exactly the same, but the strap-line can be altered to suit the particular bridesmaid. For instance, one of your ‘maids might love wearing a halter-neck style gown while the other prefers short sleeves. You can experiment with how you style multi-way gowns to suit the individual style of each lovely lady. You’re guaranteed to have a happy bunch of bridesmaids!

If you do opt for mismatched bridesmaid dresses, we recommend keeping at least one element of the gowns the same. For instance, the length, the colour palette or the material. You could opt for a variety of grey to blue ombré gowns, but if they’re all the same length and material they will still look coordinated and a part of your bridal party. This means your best girls can pick out a colour that they feel suits their skin tone the most. For instance, if you’re planning a pink colour scheme you could offer a choice of blush pink, dusty rose and even hot pink.

How to style mismatch bridal party dresses

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While your team of ‘maids will adore the freedom of picking out their dresses, you will need to give some pointers to make sure they pick out the right style. For instance, offer a colour palette that they can choose from so that they can be sure the different shades will work well together. Glitzy Secrets has a whole range of beautiful bridesmaid hair accessories and jewellery that can be mixed and matched between your ladies. If you’re day-dreaming of a pretty pastel colour palette for a Summer wedding, consider treating your girls to the Duck Egg, Lemon Dream or Perfect Pistachio wedding headbands. The colours work beautifully together and your girls will still feel unique in their outfits.

Make sure you organise a date to try all of the dresses on together ahead of the big day so you can see what your best girls look like as a bridal party. While it may take a little longer to find a collection of wonderful mismatched gowns for your girls, it’ll be worth it when you see those group photographs of both you and your girls feeling gorgeous!

Written by Lottie - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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