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Icon Style: Get Marilyn Monroe's Glamorous Look

June 01, 2016

It is amazing how some women just never seem to go out of style and the iconic Marilyn Monroe certainly falls into that category. A blonde bombshell who could be the Queen of Hollywood one evening and the girl next door the next morning, Marilyn had a distinctive look that’s certainly stood the test of time. As a birthday tribute to this legendary woman, we’re taking a look at how to achieve Marilyn Monroe’s style today…

Let’s start with the basics shall we and give you a few crucial rules for your Monroe wardrobe. Marilyn rarely wore bright colours, with the exception of red and sometimes hot pink, so avoid brights. Opt instead for classically elegant tones including blacks, browns, beiges, creams and white. You’ll certainly need to include a few patterns though, especially stripes and polka dots.

How to get the look of Marilyn Monroe

Images: Top Row Left via Vivien of Holloway | Top Row Right via Brides | Second Row Left via Rimmel London | Second Row Right via French Sole | Third Row Left via Bespoke Brides | Third Row Right via Asos | Bottom Row Left via Asos (as before) | Bottom Row Right - Droplets of Sparkle Earrings by Glitzy Secrets

In terms of clothes, Marilyn Monroe is well known for her red carpet glamour and her love of figure hugging dresses. Black or red was always a winner for Marilyn and the aptly named ‘Bombshell’ dress from Vivien of Holloway couldn’t be more fabulous for those special occasions (particularly when teamed with a waist-enhancing wide belt).

Of course, perfecting your off-duty look is probably more important than nailing the rarely worn glamorous evening ensemble and Marilyn Monroe loved skirts and dresses on her days off too. A polka dot halter neck dress would be a great fun look or a high-waisted pencil skirt, cropped ‘pedal pusher’ trousers or skinny jeans, again with a high-waist would be a wardrobe basic.

Marilyn often teamed her skirts and trousers with a fitted white shirt or a tight polo neck that really emphasised her curves. She also wore little denim jackets or a belted trench coat that again cinched her waist. Marilyn Monroe certainly knew how to make everyday clothes look amazing!

Moving on to shoes, for everyday wear, ballet flats were a perennial fave and the go-to retailer for simply has to be French Sole for star-quality flats. Of course, Marilyn loved heels and the peep toe shoe is one of her signature style items but don’t forget a gorgeous kitten heel too – easy to team with skirts and cropped trousers!

But it’s not just the clothes that are important for your Marilyn look, it’s the hair and make-up too. Over the years, stars and celebrities have all copied Marilyn’s trademark hair and you’ll find plenty of tutorials online if you want to try her curls and waves for yourself (with or without the peroxide!). If you’re heading out, protect your locks, Monroe-style, with a silk headscarf.

Steal her style: Marilyn Monroe

Images: Top Row Left via Vivien of Holloway (as before) | Top Row Right via Pretty Designs | Second Row Left - Starlet of Style Earrings (Sold Out) by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via Chanel | Third Row Left via Pinterest | Third Row Right via Vivien of Holloway (as before) | Bottom Row Left via TM Lewin | Bottom Row Right via Asos (as before)

Similarly, there are plenty of Monroe make-up features online and you’ll certainly need to tame your brows into a high arch and then get to grips with that winged, catlike eyeliner.

No Marilyn Monroe look would be complete without a bold red lip so again, get online, find a tutorial and get practicing! Marilyn herself wore layers of Coty lipstick to get the perfect shade and today, Rimmel London is owned by Coty, so you’re sure to find a great red in their lipstick range.

Finally, let’s not forget that Marilyn Monroe loved her bling and, of course, Glitzy Secrets can provide all you need! Silver and sparkly should be your watchwords here with drop earrings being a favourite of Ms. Monroe. Choose from this huge and wonderful selection for the perfect finishing touch.

All that’s left to do is dab on your beauty spot and plenty of Chanel No.5!

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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