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Ideas for your Peaches & Cream Wedding Colour Scheme

March 31, 2015

Peaches and Cream. Just saying those words makes my mouth water! I don’t know whether it’s the thought of the velvety juicy peach or the smooth indulgent cream but I’m absolutely sure they’re a match made in heaven. They’re also, as I’m about to explain, a pretty fantastic combination for delectable weddings too…

To my mind, a peaches and cream inspired wedding is all about softness. There’s nothing harsh or stark, everything is gentle and natural. It’s a perfectly grown up theme that works beautifully during the dreamy days of summer. It’s also a very romantic theme that’s polished and sophisticated and I am smitten.

Pretty peach and cream wedding colour scheme ideas

Images: Top Row Left via French Wedding Style | Top Row Right via We Heart It | Second Row Left - Peach Passion Hair Comb by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via Poppy Talk | Third Row Left via Colin Cowie Weddings | Third Row Right via Style Me Pretty | Fourth Row Right via Burnett's Boards | Bottom Row Left via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Bottom Row Right via Paperknots

To work this look, creamy gowns that move beautifully are absolutely perfect and to accessorise, think undone, flowing hair or gentle braids and buns finished with a few flowers or a hair comb with peach stones. You could also add frothy peach toned shoes to your outfit for a delightfully playful touch.

For bridesmaids, obviously peach gowns would be ideal and I love the thought of gorgeous lace and tulle combinations here. For your groom and the guys, add a suitably coloured buttonhole to a light suit to continue the theme. Brown shoes, rather than black, for the chaps will be a perfect addition to their outfits.

Again, the natural and luxurious feel should continue with your flowers. Rambling bouquets and arrangements give a sense of the garden and many-layered flowers such as ranunculus as perfect as they’re so elegant and delicate. Trailing greenery with silver tones, branches and berries are excellent additions to peaches and cream floral schemes and big, rounded blooms echo the shape of the peach itself.

Inspiration for a peaches and cream wedding

Images:  Top Row Left via Borrowed & Blue | Top Row Right via Ruffled | Second Row Left via Wedding Chicks | Second Row Right via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Third Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Third Row Right via Wedding Chicks | Bottom Row Left via A Subtle Revelry | Bottom Row Right via Style Me Pretty

In terms of table decorations and large-scale arrangements, I’d certainly advise you use containers that are in keeping with the theme. Stone vessels or wooden crates are absolutely spot-on and have a warmth that you just wouldn’t get with glass. I also love floral finishing touches that don’t look too contrived so a small embellishment simply sitting on the top of a table plan or a larger piece that hangs limpidly from a chair back both make me smile.

There’s also no way I could talk about decorations in this feature without including peaches themselves! They’re obviously perfect so how about a table full of peaches with your guests’ seating cards? You could also use them as place settings and a peach on every plate could easily double as a place card. Also, bowls of peaches, spilling across the tabletop are another great decoration and are super easy to put together.

Peaches clearly lend themselves to food and drink as well so peach flavoured cocktails are an absolute must! The classic peach pie would make a great dessert or favour to take home at the end of the night and pretty cakes are yet another essential. The ombré cake, moving from cream to peach looks amazing and will no doubt taste fantastic too but the natural ‘naked cake’ would be another great option, decorated with coloured blooms and set on a ruffle of fabric.

Coloured paper pom poms are superb decorations for a peaches and cream wedding – their shape is wonderfully evocative and they’re great for creating backdrops. Another, more luxurious option would be hanging ribbons and this would look great behind the top table, for your ceremony or as a photographic setting. Who knew peaches and cream could inspire so much?!

What do you like best about this yummy wedding theme and what other fruity combinations would you like to see?

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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