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Mint Green and Lilac Wedding Ideas

March 12, 2016

I am a big fan of mint green as a wedding colour scheme and have even chosen this as one of the shades to include in my own wedding. This versatile shade can be made icy cool for winter weddings by combining with bright white and silver tones or it makes a perfect summer shade by mixing with shades of pink or purple.

If you love the idea of including a mint tone in your wedding day then consider a gorgeous mint green and lilac wedding colour scheme. To kick start your planning we have shared some of our favourite ideas right here.

The prettiest mint green and lilac wedding colour scheme ideas

Images: Top Row Left via HappyWedd | Top Row Right via Gemy Maalouf | Second Row Left - Allure of Lavender Pendant and Allure of Lavender Earrings by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via Beauty Moves Me | Third Row Left via The Nichols Blog | Third Row Right via Southbound Bride | Fourth Row Left via Kelsey Rose | Fourth Row Right via The Knot | Bottom Row Left via Southbound Bride | Bottom Row Right via Green Wedding Shoes

The Wedding Dress

If you love the idea of a wedding gown that is a little bit different - but still beautifully bridal - then consider wearing a wedding gown in one of these gorgeous tones. A mint wedding dress can be a refreshing change for your bridal look and will look great teamed with metallic accessories.

If a mint green gown is just a step too far for you then a subtle hint of lilac could be a gentle nod to your colour scheme while still letting you keep that traditional bridal look.

The Bridesmaids

Can’t bear the thought of not wearing traditional bridal white? Then embrace your mint and lilac colour scheme by dressing your maids in your key colours. Pick one uniform shade if you love the idea of co-ordinated maids. Or if you want to mix and match then why not use both mint and lilac dresses in similar silhouettes or fabrics.


If you have chosen to dress your bridesmaids in mint and lilac then you will also want the perfect accessories to team with their gorgeous gowns. The new Bridesmaids Collection from Glitzy Secrets includes some stunning green wedding accessories or lilac wedding jewellery that will add the perfect finishing touch to your bridesmaids’ look.

Inspiration for a lilac and mint wedding theme

Images: Top Row Left via Ian Stuart | Top Row Right via Southbound Bride | Second Row Left via Southbound Bride | Second Row Right - Peppermint Dream Hair Comb by Glitzy Secrets | Third Row Left via Kelsey Rose | Third Row Right via Taste of Home | Bottom Row Left via Burnett's Boards | Fourth Row Right via The Cake Way | Bottom Row Right via Magnet Street


If you are wearing a fab fifties style wedding dress then why not take the chance to wear some spectacular shoes that you can really show off. Mint green shoes will add a flash of colour and will be the perfect nod to your colour scheme.

Wedding Cakes and Desserts

Mint and lilac are not only gorgeous colours but they can also be included as delicious flavours in your wedding food. Consider a dessert buffet that includes minty flavoured desserts or why not have a wedding cake covered in lavender flavoured frosting.


You will have endless options when it comes to finding mint and lilac décor ideas for your day. Decorate your tables with pastel table cloths and complete with mason jars sprayed in your chosen shades – this is a great option if you are looking to save some money and try some DIY wedding ideas.

Are you planning a mint green and lilac themed wedding day? We hope these ideas have been a great way to kick-start your planning!

Written by Caroline - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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