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September’s Sapphire: This Month’s Birthstone Wedding Theme

September 12, 2014

Quite literally meaning ‘precious stone’, I adore sapphire gemstones and the striking depth of this blue hue. With such luxurious and captivating qualities, those born in September are lucky to have this treasure as their birthstone. Symbolizing heavenly grace, wealth, health and longevity, these meanings alone are enough reason incorporate this amazing colour into your wedding scheme to start married life.

Whether it’s your birthstone, you’re tying the knot in September or you just adore this oh-so-stylish shade, why not go into the blue with a sapphire colour scheme…

The Dress and Accessories

Let’s face it, wearing a sapphire wedding dress isn’t for the faint hearted! If you can carry it off, there’s no doubt you’ll make an impact but, if the thought of wearing such a rich colour makes you blue (sorry, way too tempting!), working in details such as a sash, sapphire earrings or shoes is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your bridal attire.

When you really want to emphasise your wedding colour scheme, your bridesmaid outfits are always the best opportunity to really show off. Whether you’re going for on-trend colour block head-to-toe style or combining two or more hues, choosing your leading shade for dresses or accessories is key to creating a striking wedding.

And last but by no means least (sorry guys!); your husband-to-be needn’t be left out of the colour-craze. A cravat in decadent blue silk and coordinating boutonnière will bring your sapphire colour scheme together and look amazing in your special day snaps.

September birthstone wedding theme ideas

Top row left: via Brides | Top row right: via Wedding Lovely* | Second row left: via Etsy | Second row right: Sapphire Starlet Earrings via Glitzy Secrets | Third row right: via Love My Dress | Third row left: via Hitched | Fourth row right: via June Bug *unable to credit

The Details

Strong colours are particularly great if you have a limited wedding budget as you can opt for small details in your chosen shade and still make a dramatic and stylish impact. A simple table runner, napkins and menus can be all that you need to really bring your scheme together. For a more dramatic effect, add splashes of colour on each table with candles set in deep blue glass bottles or classic blue and white crockery.

When it comes to bouquets and displays, a lot of people tend to think the choice of blue flowers is limited but the most striking arrangements can be created with beautiful blooms such as sapphire anemones, irises, hydrangeas and blue bells. If you’re opting for a traditional tiered wedding cake, bold colours can overpower unless other details are kept minimal. Keep it classy by opting for sapphire accents with embellishments, flowers or ribbons to coordinate.

Sapphire wedding colour scheme inspiration

Top row left: via Martha Stewart Weddings | Top row right: via One Wed | Second row left: via One Wed (as before) | Second row right: via French Wedding Style | Third row left: via unknown | Third row right: via Etsy

Written by Victoria at Glitzy Secrets

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