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Sorbet Dreams: Beautiful Lemon Wedding Inspiration

August 11, 2015

Fresh and zesty citrus shades make the perfect colour choice for a sunny and vibrant wedding. Shades of yellow, from soft buttercup to lively lemon, add just the right touch of zing to your big day and will have guests talking for weeks afterwards. To include shades of yellow in your wedding think about brightening your dress, shoes, decor, cake and flowers with a light touch of lemon. Carefully considered lemon accents are all you need to bring your wedding day to life.

Lemon sorbet wedding ideas

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When it comes to wedding dresses, lemon might not be your first choice but (don't panic!) there's a whole world of possibilities when it comes to adding colour to your bridal outfit. No bride wants to feel like Big Bird so the first lemon option we'd recommend is a subtle one - add a lemon sash to your white or ivory gown that nods to your theme in a fun but delicate way. If you're feeling particularly daring a soft lemon dress might be right up your street, just be sure to choose the shade carefully ensuring that it suits your skin tone and gives a warm flattering glow.


We love a decadent bridal shoe and what better way to add a touch of personality to a classic wedding gown than with a pop of colour peeking out from underneath the hemline of your dress. The sky's the limit when it comes to choosing your shoes, from sultry stilettos to practical pumps there's a heel height and a shade of yellow to suit your tastes.


Get the right lemon dress for your best girls and they'll love you for it. Force them into a garish gown and you'll never hear the end of it! Our advice? Choose a series of soft lemon dresses, perhaps with varied necklines to flatter each respective body shape. Alternatively, if your wedding is following a vintage theme try a few lace tea dresses on for size. Keep little ones happy with dainty flower hair wreaths that compliment their lemon dresses.

Lemon sorbet wedding inspiration

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Table decor

When planning your table decor try not to over complicate things. Simple decor can make a big impact and costs much less than elaborate arrangements. Think about ways that you can incorporate lemons themselves into your table centrepieces, from tall vases filled to the top with juicy lemons or individual lemons wrapped in twine with name tags to mark each guests place. The possibilities are endless.  Not only will they look great but a light and summery citrus fragrance will fill the room.


The first yellow flower that typically comes to mind is the sunflower but there's hundreds of blooms to tickle your fancy from the humble daisy with its yellow centre to the hardy hypericum. We all know that white and yellow work well together but you might have missed the more obvious option - a long stemmed bouquet of yellow roses. We often associate hand tied bouquets with foliage as well as flowers but a large collection of the same flower can have more impact than a busy pick-and-mix of blooms. Use yellow flowers to decorate your ceremony altar or arch too and allow tendrils of blossom to float freely in the wind during an outdoor ceremony for a magical atmosphere.


Surely lemon sponge is top of the charts when it comes to choosing a theme appropriate wedding cake. From a light layer of cream cheese frosting on a yellow tinted sponge to a three tier cake covered in lemon royal icing and white flowers, our mouths are watering at the thought of sweet and sugary masterpieces. Ask your cake designer to create an ombré effect with icing or choose vanilla cupcakes filled with rich lemon curd and topped with meringue icing. If simple elegance is your thing wrap strands of yellow ribbon around a pristine ivory iced cake and let that delightful lemon sponge do all the talking.

Written by Ann - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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