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Unusual Wedding Transport Ideas to Get You to the Church in Quirky Style

August 09, 2016

Not a fan of the traditional wedding car? No problem! These days there are plenty of ways for you and your new husband to arrive at your reception or ceremony in style – just take a look at these unusual wedding transport ideas and prepare to fall in love…

Unusual wedding transport ideas and inspo

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A famous car

If you don’t want to stray too far from the idea of a car, but want something a little quirkier and unique to you as a couple, why not try a ‘famous’ car from your favourite movie or TV show? Companies now hire out replicas of the Ghostbusters car, the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard or the Delorean from Back to the Future, amongst others! For something a little more subtle, arrive in your favourite Bond car.

A bike

If you and your h2b are keen cyclists, then include this love in your wedding day by bringing along your bikes! It may be that it’s too far to cycle between your wedding ceremony and the reception (plus it’s no joke trying to cycle in a wedding dress!), but including your bikes with a ‘Just Married’ sign as part of your official photographs is a great way to incorporate your hobby.

A motorbike or scooter

Ride off into the sunset on the back of a bike or scooter! Before you start picturing a Hell’s Angels style getaway (although that also makes for a fantastic photo opportunity if it’s your style!), there are plenty of vintage-style motorbikes and scooters available to hire that will go perfectly with a laidback but pretty wedding theme.

Unusual wedding transport inspiration

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A yellow cab

If one (or both) of you is from the Big Apple, or you just want a fun homage to New York City, why not hire a traditional yellow taxi cab to ferry you from ceremony to reception? It’ll look bright and fun at a summer wedding, and will be the perfect pop of colour at an otherwise monochrome winter wedding.

A fire engine, police car or ambulance

This is lovely way to honour your jobs if either of you work in the emergency services, not to mention make it makes a real impact for your arrival! Just make sure that you approach a rental company, not the emergency services themselves, to try and organise this one!

A boat

Getting married by a lake, or on an island? Then you can’t miss the opportunity to have your wedding photographs in a boat! Whether this is a vintage wooden rowboat decked out with flowers, a beautifully-decorated gondola or a full-blown ferry, your wedding transport is sure to feel unique!

A sleigh

One for the winter brides, a horse-drawn sleigh in the ultimate romantic transportation for a snowy wedding day. If you’re not guaranteed snow, then this one may be best left to the destination brides, but there’s no denying that a bride in a sleigh is arriving in snuggly winter style!

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