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Why Wedding Websites Are a Must-Have for Modern Couples

January 17, 2018

Today we’re talking all about wedding websites and why they are an absolute necessity for the modern couple who are planning their big day. Wedding sites offer the perfect platform to provide your guests with all the information they need for your celebration.

Free sites allow you to let your guests know vital details about your day, which means they’re much more likely to have the best time celebrating with you both. But remember – you only need to include the really important information as you don’t want to overwhelm your guests. So, let’s find out what you should be including and why you should definitely create a wedding website for your special day. You are already one step closer to a stress-free ceremony!

Wedding Website for modern couples

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Your Story

People will love heading straight over to your website to find out how you met and a little more about your personal love story – it can also be a great talking point for your guests to refer back to during the reception. So, if you want a fun, creative and romantic project to create as a couple, it’s time to get started!


As we’ve already mentioned, your website can cover a range of details about your big day, including where and when it is. We suggest including information about the directions to your venue and nearby accommodation – this will save you heaps of time replying to guests. Make sure all of the information you include is helpful, rather than unnecessary! For instance, you could also include details about whether it’s a cash bar, if it’s a children-free day or if there is anything logistical you think they need to know.

Wedding websites ideas for the modern couple

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The Gift List

Your wedding website is a brilliant way to advise your guests about your gift list, otherwise we can guarantee you’ll be getting asked a lot of questions in the lead up to the day! If you’ve got a registered gift list, include the link and direct your guests to it. If you’re hoping for cash, charity donations or nothing at all, make sure you mention it! Guests love to be organised and it will save you both lots of time.


Your guests can RSVP via your wedding website, which makes things a lot easier for everyone. Anyone who has planned a wedding will understand how difficult it can be to get those RSVPs back, and guests are much more likely to RSVP quickly online.

Wedding website inspo for the modern couple

Images: Left via Love Is A Bird | Right via Style Me Pretty (as before) by Greg Finck (as before)

Destination Weddings

A wedding site is also a handy tool if you’re dreaming of having a destination wedding or if you have guests travelling from overseas. You will generally need to cover much more information with a destination wedding and a website will help to provide your guests with all the information they need in one go, rather than having to explain to each individual guest.

It is an incredibly useful tool that can also reflect your personal love story. You can use it to post regular updates about plans, share logistics and directions or simply to have fun and get creative. It’s helpful, efficient and it’s guaranteed to help you plan the most important day of your life.

 Written by Lottie - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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