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Cocktail Rings for Women Who Love to Make a Style Statement

So you know the glamourous history, right? The cocktail ring craze was born in the American Prohibition era of the Roaring Twenties. With alcohol banned, drinking parties called The Cocktail Party became the ‘in’ social engagement and, enjoying the liberation of the 1920s, women flaunted their freedom quite literally by wearing statement rings to draw attention to the hand that daringly held the Martini!

Fast forward to today and dress rings are still one of the most eye-catching accessories to instantly add a touch of style to your outfit.

Seven Style Tips for Your Sparkler

  • Vintage Art Deco dazzlers often featured bold, oversize angular gems so forget less is more and go for the most opulent large cocktail rings.
  • Adore high fashion rings that are sure to secure an enviable glance or two? Then go for a rich jewel tone such as emerald or sapphire for a rock that’s guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye.
  • If you agree with Marilyn and think diamonds are a girl’s best friend, CZ (cubic zirconia) will give you sparkle without the spend. Choose a design with a large crystal such as a pear, oval or princess cut and you have a precious without the price tag look.
  • Can’t decide on one design? Then don’t! Go on-trend wear several rings – just remember to keep all other jewellery to a minimum.
  • Emulate the style of vintage cocktail rings and achieve heirloom-worthy style by going for smoky crystal, chic pearl detail, antique gold or Victoriana jet black adornment.
  • Consider your manicure! Matching your polish to your sparkler is a party perfect look. A rose gold cocktail ring with fabulous blush metallic nails? Swoon!
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