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Transform Your Style with Gem Encrusted Hair Combs

From past decades to current high fashion trends, decorative hair combs have long been the go-to accessory for adding a touch of feminine glamour. With such versatility, they work perfectly with so many hairstyles and are suitable for different hair lengths.

Our award-winning collection takes you through the most stylish decades. From the Roaring Twenties, fabulous Forties, elegant Fifties and swinging Sixties to modern day rose gold designs. From bejewelled scrolls and statement pearl bows to delicate crystal encrusted florals, you can rest assured our adornments will accessorise your hair with unforgettable style for every special occasion.

Our Customer Says: "When my hair comb arrived I was a little hesitant in opening the box not sure what I would find but I nearly fell over the piece was so beautiful. It is truly something I can start a family tradition with - absolutely lovely." Marrisa

Stylist Tips for Choosing a Jewelled Comb for Your Hair

  • A small to medium design with a lighter weight is perfect to add a touch of elegance to a chic jaw length bob and adorn a stylish half up half down 'do. For a secure up-do, larger statement combs make the most dramatic impact.
  • Complement your hair colour! A gold hair comb enhances warm tones whereas silver designs emphasise cool hues. Looking to add a pop of colour? Pastel pink and blue look stunning in blonde hair while redheads can carry of green with enviable style. Bold red and sapphire really stand out in brunette and raven hair, as does classic crystal.
  • Adore the beauty of bygone eras? A vintage hair comb fabulously dresses an elegant chignon or French pleat, adding both romance and femininity to your yester year style.
  • Take influence from the Style Icons. Wear a shimmering pearl design for the timeless elegance made famous by Grace Kelly in the 1950s. For touch of 1940s movie star chic, a statement crystal adornment will adorn with the ultimate hint of sparkle.
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