Bridal & Wedding Hair Vines | Glitzy Secrets

Vines of Beauty

Full of charm and romance, wedding hair vine accessories are beautiful, stylish and will adorn your hairstyle with feminine flair. The perfect piece to add delicate sparkle entwined amongst delicate flowing curls or nestled at the side of an updo, our collection features dainty floral fantasies bejewelled with glittering Austrian crystals and lustrous pearls. Blending modern and vintage style, our bridal hair vines effortlessly achieve a boho look or capture bygone glamour with their beauty and delicate detail.

What is a hair vine? We're often asked this and, quite simply, the answer is any headpiece that has some flexibility. It may wrap around the hair, it could be more solid but naturally curve on the head or your vine may even feature a chain.

How to Wear It

  • Add a touch of femininity to a chic updo with trailing floral stems secured over a classic bun or above a chic chignon for a look that is both timelessly elegance and current.
  • Achieve a boho vibe by choosing a piece that wraps around the head like a halo or entwines in a loosely curled soft up-do.
  • If you adore vintage glamour, look for small sprays which can be secured at the temple or designs a hair chain and wear it tipping the forehead for a 1920s style. If you love the 1940s but want to add a contemporary touch, trail a delicate crystal hair vine over the side of the head in your loose waves.
  • Tightly fastened updos need to stay immaculate all day so opt for a piece without so much flexibility as this will require less fastening through your hair.
  • Beyond your bridal hairstyle, consider the detail on your gown. If it is encrusted with pearls, accentuate the embellishment by looking for pearl wedding hair vines to create a sensational aisle style.
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