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Vintage Hair Accessories

Vintage Hair Combs

From the 1920s to 1950s, our collection is inspired by vintage hair combs from past eras. 

Vintage Hair Clips

Fall in love with the beauty of vintage hair clips inspired by bygone eras. 

Vintage Headpieces

Adorn your hair with our vintage headpieces, inspired by precious treasured designs. 

Vintage Tiaras

Own your own treasured heirloom with beautiful vintage tiaras inspired by precious designs. 

Vintage Head Bands

Inspired by vintage hair accessories from the '20s to '50s, our vintage headbands are divine.

Vintage Hair Pins

Replicating the beauty of the past, our vintage hair pins will adorn your hair with elegance.

Vintage Hair Accessory Press

Vintage Hair Accessory Press

With so many celebrities adorning their tresses with vintage hair accessories for glamorous red carpet events, it's plain to see why our hair jewels are often seen gracing the pages of leading hair and fashion titles.

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage Jewellery

Embrace the beauty of our vintage jewellery collection inspired by the icons of yester year.

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