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10 Romantic Wedding Aisle Ideas

September 04, 2015

Whether you have opted for an indoor or outdoor wedding, a decorated aisle will create a spectacular welcome for your guests as they take their seats and a stunning stage for you as you glide to your waiting groom.  The options available are endless and many are very DIY friendly.  From tying oh-so-simple bows to lighting an array of candles, the effect will be both inviting and beautiful.  Let our pick of the top 10 wedding aisle ideas start your creative juices flowing!

1.  Petal Scatter

Simple yet effective, lots of couples choose to scatter flower petals along their aisle to add a touch of colour to a wooden floor or white aisle runner. This is an affordable way to incorporate your theme colours into the ceremony room without blowing the budget on large floral arrangements.

2.  Vintage Lanterns

Soft candlelight is the perfect choice for a romantic setting. Encased in pretty lanterns lining the aisle, the effect will create ambience and focal points, as well as an opportunity to enhance your theme. Choose traditional ivory or get crafty and spray paint your lanterns to match your colour scheme. Remember to leave adequate space for the flame - a tall church candle should reach to no more than three quarters of the lantern height.

3.  Seat Sashes

If you’re getting married in a venue with neutral décor, add some colour with ribbon or satin sashes tied around the back of the seats that edge the aisle. Pin a corsage or pomander to the end of each seat tie for a simple and cost effective decoration that leaves floor space clear for the processional.

Wedding isle decor ideas

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4  Colourful Planters

Planning an outdoor wedding? Pick up some wooden or basket planters from your local garden store and decorate with foliage that will withstand inclement weather. Popping a pot of flowers into large round planters can be a cost-effective solution when it comes to flower arranging and adds a rustic feel to a grass lawn aisle.

5  Beach Blooms or Shells

Feel the sand beneath your toes and keep aisle decorations elevated if you’re getting married on a beach. Use long metal hooks to anchor your blooms and allow them to flutter gently in the sea air. Keeping your flowers away from the sand will allow you to recycle them for the evening reception and save on décor costs. Alternatively, why not get back to nature and choose starfish or shells to line your aisle.

6  Simple Bows

Aisle décor needn't be fussy. Find lengths of ribbon in your accent wedding colours and tie pretty bows at the corner of each aisle chair for a simple nod to your theme. The ribbon can be extended to section off the aisle area of the ceremony room to prevent guests from walking along a pristine white runner.

7  Woodland Props

More and more brides are choosing to get married outside or in rustic barns and use woodland props along their aisles to incorporate the natural theme. Slices of tree bark or larger stumps look great placed along the edges of a burlap aisle runner or along a paved pathway topped with mason jars or tea-lights.

Stunning wedding style ideas

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8  Painted Bottles

Using glass or plastic bottles as candle sticks is an effective way to include lots of candlelight in your ceremony without spending money on large and ornate candelabra. Collect a series of bottles over the course of a few months, remove any labels and spray paint or paint them in your accent wedding colour. Glass bottles look great washed in a light watercolour style whilst plastic bottles should be coated once or twice to ensure they’re completely covered.

9  Hanging Jam Jars

Fill pretty little jam jars with tinted water and a handful of blooms for a simple aisle décor idea. These can be untied from chairs and given away to guests after the reception or unwrapped and placed around your wedding reception venue.

10  Layered Candles

If you’re struggling to choose your aisle decoration you can’t go wrong with candlelight. Arrange glass jars or vases along the aisle and fill with water then place a floating candle on top or buy church candles in various sizes and layer each together in its own vase for a gradient of light that gets taller with each candle. For safety, we strongly suggest checking out opting for battery operated versions which can look very effective and remove the worry of a candle being accidentally knocked over!

Written by Ann - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets


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