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The Beauty of Art Deco Style Jewellery

With chic geometric lines and sophisticated sharp angular cuts, it’s easy to understand why the style of Art Deco jewellery is adored by the modern woman of today. With a strong aesthetic that exquisitely blends vintage elegance with a contemporary edge, gems inspired by this era are the perfect complement to every fashion focused wardrobe. Our award-winning collection encapsulates the delights of the Deco movement with designs including elongated triangular drop earrings and coordinating pendant necklaces to detailed rectangular bracelets and brooches.

How To Style It

  • Jewellery from the Art Deco period often featured a rich jewel tone accent stone contrasted against diamonds. Look for emerald, ruby or sapphire stones for a look that is opulently elegant.
  • Pearls were a popular embellishment during this era. From petite seed pearl encrusted rings to droplets on long necklaces, choose a design that is also encrusted with clear or bold coloured crystals.
  • When it comes to metal tone, both rhodium and gold settings were popular from the late 1920s and 1930s so it really is down to personal preferences. For a clean style, the cool hues of silver make it the preferred choice for many while gold gives an added touch of luxe for glamourous occasions.
  • From costume brooches and earrings to Art Deco jewellery sets, the deep tone of onyx was widely used in designs from this period. Look for jet crystals or black pearl adornments for a chic style that lends itself to both day and evening occasions.
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