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Collection of pearl bridal jewellery


From ornate earrings and necklaces inspired by wedding jewellery from past decades, to chic and modern dainty coordinating sets that make an impactful special day statement, pearls have the effortless ability to complete a bride's look with grace and elegance. Whether you simply adore their classic lustre or you wish to accentuate the beautiful pearl embellishment on your bridal gown, their timeless style flatters and completes a bride-to-be's look with exquisite finesse. Our award-winning collection features an enchanting array of designs influenced by bygone eras and contemporary charm. From the most elaborate, show-stopping jewels to the the most understatement and refined, our range of pearl bridal jewellery will add the perfect finishing touch for your big day.

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Range of Vintage Inspired Wedding Jewellery


Recreate the beauty of yester year on your special day with our collection of vintage style bridal jewellery. If you adore the statement style and flamboyance of the 1920s Flapper Girls or the classic glamour of the 1940s Silver Screen Starlets, you'll fall in love with our bejewelled cuffs and sparkling statement necklaces. For a more understatement and simple look, our chic Art Deco wedding jewellery or delicate 1950s designs will enhance your bridal style with refined elegance. For a big day look that will have your guests wondering if you're adorned with precious family treasures, choose a beautiful matching set or go on-trend modern-vintage and blend different vintage styles or metals such as silver mixed with gold or rose gold. Whatever your favourite decade, our range will take back to the romance of the past.

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