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Choosing the Perfect Earrings for Brides

The impact a beautiful pair of bridal earrings can have on your aisle style should never be underestimated. From every close-up wedding photo to the moment he lifts your veil - it's fair to say they are the one piece of jewellery that can truly add the perfect finishing touch. Regardless of whether you favour dainty studs, classic teardrop or glamourous statement chandelier sparklers, the glimmer of shimmer that any style brings will complete your special day look.

Our Brides Say... "Perfect wedding earrings! I wanted to wear something that would stand out but remain pretty and these were perfect!! Loved the sparkle and you can see them in every photo! Thank you, Joanne"

Style Tips:

  • Pearls are a firm favourite with brides who adore timeless vintage elegance. Take inspiration from the 1950s Starlets such as Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn and go for a classic pearl stud or delicate drop pearl bridal earrings.
  • If you are wearing your hair up or have short hair, finding the perfect pair of wedding earrings is even more important as they will be on show every minute of your big day. If you want to make a statement but feel a bold pair could overshadow your look, choose a beautiful pair of long slimline drop design to make a noticeable yet more subtle impact.
  • Does your wedding dress have a strapless or an off-the-shoulder Bardot style neckline? A glamourous pair of crystal earrings for brides in a chandelier or bold jewelled style can look sensational, especially when all other accessories are kept minimal for a chic modern look.
  • For fashion-conscious brides who adore making a unique statement, matching the hue of your sparklers to your wedding shoes can add fabulous splashes of chic colour - whether pastel or a vibrant jewel tone.
  • If you adore the beauty of bygone eras, go for a design in the style of your favourite decade to really emphasise your aisle style. Opt for a pair of Art Deco vintage wedding earrings to complement a 1920s inspired gown or unleash your inner 1940s Hollywood movie star with crystal or cubic zirconia dazzlers.
  • Most brides will favour either silver, gold or rose gold. Romantic blush wedding dresses look simply divine accessorised with the metallic hues of rose gold for a feminine yet contemporary touch. For a heirloom-worthy look, antique gold will add a touch of luxurious glamour whereas classic silver is a timeless choice for most bridal styles.
  • Create a striking bridal party style with your bride tribe wearing bridesmaid earrings that are a smaller version of yours.
  • Stay true to you! Remember he's marrying you for you. If you're used to wearing dainty earrings, keep to a similar style if that's how you feel comfortable. It's your day after all.
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