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Bejewelled Hair Slides to Transform your Hairstyle

Take inspiration from the on-trend high fashion looks and adorned your 'do with a chic hair slide to transform your style. The ultimate accessory to adorn hair of every length, their versatility is perfect to adorn your locks for every occasion. From lunch with friends, a prom, the races or a glittering black tie ball, randomly placing a few gem encrusted hair slides in your up-do is certain to transform your outfit in an instant.

Our fabulous collection of antique inspired and modern designs feature pairs of petite pearl and crystal designs to statement jet crystals for a sultry touch of glamour.

Style Inspiration: How to Wear your Hair Slide

With long or medium length hair, create a stunning half-up style with your adornment. Take a small section from each side, plait, twist or simply secure with a slide at the back of the head for a pretty, yet simple look.

  • If you have short hair, you may often feel your hairstyle can look the same for every occasion. By simply placing a delicate crystal hair slide at the side of the head, you will add a touch of glamour for those extra special events.
  • Petite hair slides randomly positioned throughout your locks will look divine and add a glimmer of subtle sparkle. Clip in styles are ideal for fine hair types too.
  • For those of you going for a chic up-do, secure a sparkling accessory at the side of the head to add elegance to a bun or pin into a loose tousled chignon for a less formal look.
  • If you hair thick hair, secure a few loose strands on one side for a feminine look with a hint of vintage style.
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