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Timeless Wedding Earrings for Unpierced Ears

At Glitzy Secrets, we became very aware that brides without pierced ears in the UK and beyond had a rather limited selection of beautiful wedding clip on earrings to complete their bridal style. So our designer set to work and created an exquisite collection featuring a range of clip on studs, drop and statement chandelier styles. With a vintage vibe to take you through the iconic decades of fashion to chic modern designs, we're here to help you find your perfect and, importantly, comfortable pair whether you prefer adjustable screw-back fastenings or clip backs with a cushioned pad.

Our Brides Say... "Fab! Really impressed that Glitzy secrets cater to non pierced ears. These Starlet in Pearls clip earrings look fab in real life, they really sparkle! They are also really comfortable and don't pinch. Can't wait to wear for my wedding day. Sam"

Style Tips:

  • Classic: Who could dispute that Grace Kelly was one of the most iconic brides in history? Not us, that's for sure. Our elegant pearl bridal clip on earrings capture her timeless look and are the epitome of sophistication for brides who adore a refined, graceful look.
  • Vintage: Play up your favourite era for sensational aisle style. Go for geometric long dangle screw back earrings for an Art Deco or 1920s theme, glittering crystal or cubic zirconia sparkles for the Silver Screen Starlet bride recreating fabulous 1940s Hollywood glamour to chic and cute button beauties in pastels or pearls for a 50s retro look.
  • Contemporary: The essence of romance with an eternally beautiful touch, rose gold wedding clip on earrings are the most perfect choice for modern day brides without pierced ears. Just stunning to complement a blush dress or soft pink bouquet!
  • Heirloom: If you adore jewellery that could be mistaken for a family treasure that has been passed down the generations, consider aged silver or antique gold.
  • Colour: Adding a pop of colour with your earrings can create a striking look. Rich jewel tones or even black to enhance a monochrome theme adorn with statement style - coordinate with the shoes for splashes of your favourite hue.
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