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Beautifully Dramatic Ideas for a Halloween Wedding Theme

October 29, 2015

Now this is a feature that’s not for the faint-hearted! I know that a Halloween themed wedding isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea and I also know that it’s highly unlikely that you’ve even thought about this style of autumn wedding. However, I’m here to tell you that a Halloween wedding doesn’t have to be full of comedy cauldrons and witches hats. There are more decorative ideas out there than plastic skeletons and spray-on spider-webs. In short, you can have a Halloween wedding that’s elegant - with an edge…

Firstly, let’s talk about your colours and I suggest that you follow my advice here and opt for black and white. This palette keeps you well away from childish oranges and purples and keeps you firmly in the realms of adulthood. It also allows you flexibility to tone up or soften the Halloween vibe, as you feel appropriate. You can also add in some metallic touches for contrast and gauzy, lightweight fabrics for that ethereal look.

Glamorous Halloween wedding theme ideas

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If you’re brave, a full black gown teamed with beautifulblack hair accessory is certainly a show-stopping option and to keep your look oh-so elegant, why not go for a dark hued layer above a lighter toned gown? Another alternative would be a white gown with a black velvet sash or belt or even a dramatic bustle. Bridesmaids in black of course look fabulous and a classic Little Black Dress can be worn and worn again afterwards.

Depending on the gown you choose, you can either opt for white flowers or go gothic with deep red roses, darkest purple flowers or silvery foliage. Spiky, wild and untamed bouquets look great and you could use more black velvet around the handle of a bouquet or as an addition to a buttonhole. Also, use lots of draping, hanging foliage – this will give you the right look and help you create a beautifully eerie atmosphere.

My one concession to style of traditional Halloween parties is the pumpkin but, for your wedding, ditch the bright orange pumpkins and instead, seek out the white version. Large ones look wonderful as table centres and smaller varieties can be used as place cards, candle holders or as additions to your decorations and displays.

Dramatic ideas for a sensational Halloween wedding day

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Whilst we’re talking about decorations, I think candlelight is an absolute must for a Halloween wedding so if you think this look might be for you, definitely make sure you opt for a venue that allows candles because you’re going to need lots of them! Black chandeliers are also perfect accessories and again, their hanging appearance is spot-on. Black frames around chalkboards make perfect seating plans or signs and jet-black stationery with white ink calligraphy sets the tone perfectly.

In terms of your food and drink I would certainly avoid dying everything black (unless you’re a fan of squid ink risotto!) and instead, stick with just a couple of black touches. How about black ice cubes in white mocktails, deep black Diablo cocktails, black and white macaroons or black toffee apple favours? Failing that, black mini bottles of bubbly are perfectly acceptable!

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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