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Beautifully Romantic Tablescape Ideas

March 02, 2017

One area of wedding design that’s getting a lot of attention at the moment, is tablescapes. How we’re dressing and decorating the tables at weddings has changed so much over recent years. Instead of formal restaurant style place settings and folded napkins, we’re now creating beautifully romantic tablescapes. Here’s my pick of the most gorgeous designs around and some advice if you’re looking to create your own.

Your wedding tablescapes will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your wedding reception. Start by spending some time on Pinterest, save the images that appeal to you the most and then look back through your selection and see what elements you’re naturally drawn to.

Beautiful wedding tablescape ideas

Images: Top Row Left via Wedding Sparrow | Top Row Right via Style Me Pretty | Second Row Left via Always Andri | Second Row Right via Wedding Sparrow (as before) | Third Row Left via Want That Wedding | Third Row Right via Wedding Chicks | Bottom Row Left via Ruffled Blog | Bottom Row Right via Magnolia Rouge

Layers & Textures

The best wedding tablescapes all have one thing in common – they combine lots of layers and a variety of textures to create the best look. You can use contrasting fabrics for napkins and tablecloths or set luxurious or classical fabrics against bare wood tabletops. Fabrics that flow over tables also look wonderful – napkins or table runners hanging over the table edge are oh-so gorgeous.

You can also mix in metallic touches too. A combination of cutlery and charger plates works really well and don’t forget candleholders. Polished metal will give you a more traditional look while hammered and matte metallic finishes looks much more contemporary. Coloured glassware or glasses edged with metal are another must-have.

Candlelight & Height

A beautiful tablescape has to include candlelight! There’s nothing more romantic than the soft glow of candles and unusual candles are definitely the best. Coloured block candles and pure white or softly shaded taper or dinner candles will definitely last all the way through your meal. Add in some tealights for low light too.

Mixing up the heights of your candles leads me, quite nicely, on to another point. The heights of all the elements on your table should be varied. If everything is one height, you’ll end up with a rather flat looking tablescape. Combining tall items with low and medium height pieces will make your table decor all the more breathtaking.

Stunning wedding table decor ideas

Images: Top Row via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Second Row Left via Chic Vintage Brides | Second Row Right via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Third Row Left via 100 Layer Cake | Third Row Right via Fab Mood | Bottom Row Left via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Bottom Row Right via The Wedding of My Dreams

Personal Touches & Practical Considerations

The very best weddings include lots of personal touches and you should certainly look to include these on your tables too. It might be that you add in handmade favours, calligraphy place cards or something else that really ties in with you and your wedding. Tablescapes including books, vintage pieces and fruit have become really popular.

As amazing as your table setting might look, it also needs to be practical. Guests need space to be able to eat, your venue or caterer will need room around the table to be able to serve and they won’t want to be knocking pieces or tripping over fabrics. Guests also need to be able to see over flower arrangements!

You’ll notice that all the tablescapes I’ve chosen as my favourites aren’t crowded – this is the most important thing to avoid. If you’ve spent a long time planning and creating beautifully romantic decor, make sure that your guests will be able to enjoy them! You’ll know you’ve got it right when you see a room full of smiling faces sat around tables you’ve designed.

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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