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Don’t Let April Showers Ruin Your Wedding Day

April 08, 2016

If you are planning a wedding in April then you can still have a rain-free wedding – according to the UK has an average of 14 rain-free days in April so you have almost a 50% chance of a day where there isn’t even a drop of rain, so the chances of a full on downpour are slim.

If you are still concerned about April showers or you simply like to be prepared for anything then take a look at some rainy wedding ideas that are so good you will be wishing for rain on your wedding day…almost.

Wedding Wellies

The contrast of cute wedding wellies with your beautiful white dress will look great and can give you some fun and memorable weddings. Add some vibrant colours and patterns for some fun wedding pictures or think about bridal white is you want to keep a little bit of tradition!

Wedding wellies ideas for your rainy special day

Images: Top Row Left via Actons Hotel Weddings | Top Row Right via Ruffled | Bottom Row Left via You and Your Wedding | Bottom Row Right via One Fab Day

Wedding Umbrellas

Wedding umbrellas don’t have to be in traditional white – you can use all kinds of colours and styles. A photo of the bride and groom cosying up together under an umbrella makes a really cute photo and can show how even an April shower on your wedding day can’t dampen your mood!

If you have checked the weather forecast and rain is looking quite certain then accept you can’t change it and use it as a fab photo opportunity and also provide umbrellas for your guests and your bridal party.

Umbrella ideas for a rainy wedding day

Images: Top Row Left via Weddings in Croatia | Top Row Right via Want That Wedding | Middle Row Right via Flawless Photography | Bottom Row Left via Wedding Venues | Bottom Row Right via Rustic Wedding Chic

Wear a Coat

In any other situation where you are out in the rain in a dress then you wouldn’t give wearing a coat a second thought. So why not on your wedding day? A raincoat or a leather jacket thrown over your wedding dress will give a cool and different vibe to your wedding pictures.

Stylish coat ideas for your bridal outfit

Images: Top Row Left via Want That Wedding (as before) | Top Row Right via Brit Co | Bottom Row Left via Brit Co (as before) | Bottom Row Right via Love My Dress

Have Some Stunning Indoor Photos

You chose your wedding venue because you love it, so don’t be disheartened if you have to have lots of your main wedding photos inside. You can easily get some gorgeous photos of your day with a wall between you and that rain.

Indoor photo opportunities for a rainy wedding

Images: Top Row Left via Wedding O Mania | Top Row Right via Ruffled (as before) | Bottom Row Left via West Aussie Wedding | Bottom Row Right via The Bride Link

Embrace It!

If the heavens open and it’s the end of your wedding day then actually embracing it and having a stunning photo in the rain will be a really memorable and special moment. With a small amount of lighting, the raindrops will look like a shower of light and the picture will be absolutely beautiful.

Fabulous wedding photo ideas in the rain

Images: Top Row Left via Del Sol Photography | Top Row Right via Rustic Wedding Chic (as before) | Bottom Row Left via Anna Pumer Photography | Bottom Row Right via You and Your Wedding (as before)

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