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Ideas for a Sensational Stripe Wedding Theme

September 18, 2015

I feel that I should confess right at the start of this feature – I’m a huge fan of stripes. They’re bold, confident and wonderfully eye-catching and you can’t deny the fact that they’re certainly ‘something different’. If the rustic look really isn’t for your or if cute vintage simply doesn’t float your boat then may I heartily recommend the humble stripe? I think you might just fall in love…

Ideas for a striped wedding theme

Images: Top Row Left via The Perfect Palette | Top Row Right via Project Wedding | Second Row Left via The Glitter Guide | Second Row Right via Bespoke Bride | Third Row left via Brooklyn Bride | Third Row Right -Dramatic Diva Concord Clip (Sold Out) and Chic in Monochrome Earrings by Glitzy Secrets | Fourth Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Fourth Row Right via Wedding Chicks | Bottom Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Bottom Row Right via Project Wedding

Stripes totally rock for weddings for so many reasons – they work with any colour, venue or season and they add impact in an instant. A wrap of ribbon or small detail can be enough but if you’re feeling fearless, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you making a real statement with stripes. A word of caution however – be careful with colours and make sure that your stripes are all the same shade otherwise you’ll end up looking messy rather than peppy and that won’t do at all.

Wearing stripes is super easy, especially for your bridesmaids. There are so many striped dresses on the high street that you’d have plenty of choice. Add a fabulous statement necklace from Glitzy Secrets and you’ll have the perfect look for on-trend maids. Little pageboys will look fab in a stripy bow tie, groomsmen can opt for striped socks or pocket squares and flower girls could personalise a plain gown and wear a striped sash. There really are options for everyone!

If you’re the bride, the one question you need to ask yourself is – how brave am I? If the answer is ‘not very’ then bring in stripes in a subtle way and include them on your shoes or as a sash. If you’re super confident, then a striped dress or dramatic bustle will guarantee that your outfit is a real showstopper.

In terms of flowers, my advice would be to stick to neutral blooms and bring in the stripes with fabric. Ribbon around the handle of your bouquet for example or as a finishing touch on your buttonhole is perfect. Follow the same rule with your cake – keep the majority of the cake plain and add the stripes in moderation. They have far more impact when they’re used sparingly and you certainly don’t want to swamp beautiful flowers and gorgeous cakes in stripes and detract from their beauty.

Stripe wedding inspiration for your special day

Images: Top Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Top Row Right via The Wedding Chicks | Second Row Left via The Wedding Chicks | Second Row Right via Style Me Pretty | Third Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Third Row Right via The wedding Chicks | Bottom Row Right via The Wedding Chicks | Bottom Row Left via Style Me Pretty

You’ll need to stock up on the ribbon and fabric for your stripe wedding theme and certainly invest in a few pairs of sharp scissors, as you’ll be doing a lot of cutting! Swathes of fabric laid along tables or hung from poles to create amazing backdrops are easy to do and incredibly effective. On a smaller scale, wrapping ribbon around cakes, napkins and drinks dispensers looks brilliant too.

There are plenty of other stripy details you can add to your wedding too. Some of my favourites include striped straws and favour bags and boxes and, of course, striped stationery. If you’re buying invitations, why not go for a striped envelope or liner and, if you’re making your stationery, don’t forget that a touch of striped washi tape is an easy way to bring your theme to plain pieces.

So, stripes are a great choice for a wedding theme and I have no doubt that you and your guests will absolutely love them. Go on, be a bit brave…

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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