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Tear-Jerking Father of the Bride First Look Reactions

June 19, 2016

A few months ago, we featured a lovely post on beautiful Mother of the bride moments, just in time for Mother’s Day. So it’s only right we make sure that Dads get their time to shine too! To celebrate Father’s Day, we’ve found some of the most beautiful photographs out there: there are photographs that made me smile and there are photographs that made me well up. Warning: tissues will be needed in advance as this is a tad tear-jerking…

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Images: Top Row via Kristian Leven Photography | Second Row Left via Julie A Whitlock | Second Row Right via Bridal Musings | Third Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Third Row Right via Scobey Photography | Fourth Row Left via Neil Redfern | Fourth Row Right via Brian Mullins Photography | Bottom Row via Nik and Cali Wedding Photography

The Father of the bride plays an extremely significant role in most couple’s wedding day: whether that’s a few words of wisdom, an emotional and sincere speech or even the cringe-worthy Dad dancing – which let’s be honest, we all secretly love! Many brides-to-be have long dreamt of the day they can walk down with the aisle with their Fathers into the arms of the man of their dreams. It’s no wonder Dads play such a sentimental part in their daughter’s wedding.

Every wedding day is bursting with incredibly special moments with Dad. But one of the most emotional, touching moments is the first look the Father of the bride gets of his beloved daughter. Brides are often capturing their first look with their hubby-to-be, but what about with their Father? More and more brides are asking their wedding photographers to capture this special time, so that they can treasure the second their father catches a glimpse of them forever. Photographers are able to capture 100 different emotions in one single snapshot and that’s why these images are so breathtakingly beautiful.

Father of the bride reactions wedding

Images: Top Row via Authentic Eye | Second Row via Laura Zastrow | Third Row Left via Jenny Reese Photography* | Third Row Right via Albert Palmer Photography | Fourth Row via Jackson and Co Photography | Bottom Row Left via Katelyn James | Bottom Row Right via Mat Tyler Photography *unable to credit

I’ve always adored those poignant photographs where you can see the Father’s tearful first glimpse of his darling daughter as a bride. It’s a peaceful moment for an exchange of words, or a vibrant moment full of delight and beaming smiles, or an undisturbed moment between two people who share a lifetime of memories together. The ‘first look’ can be full of excitement, or it can be heart-meltingly tearful – whatever it may be it’s a wonderful part of any wedding day!

For the Father of the bride, the day his daughter says ‘I do’ can be an absolute rollercoaster of different emotions. There will of course be joy, happy tears, and a proud smile that beams across his face like a ray of sunshine. But when the Father of the bride gives his daughter away to the man she’s chosen to spend the rest of her life with, there will be bittersweet emotions too. Whatever their reaction may be, to capture it in a single portrait is incredibly beautiful.

If you want to plan a ‘first look’ with your Dad, make sure you’ve got some spare time before the ceremony so it’s not rushed. Let your photographer know that you’d like them to capture this moment so they can be in the right place at the right time without intruding, and make sure it’s not interrupted by any of your wedding guests.

I hope you cherished these magical images as much as I did. You may even be inspired for your own wedding day photographs too…

Written by Lottie - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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