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Inspired by the timeless glamour of Old Hollywood, our collection features beautiful crystal jewellery to make you sparkle for every special occasion. From glittering earrings and jewel-dropping necklaces to statement cuffs and dramatic rings, inject a touch of Starlet style with our encrusted designs.



Taking influence from an era where women embraced glamour and dressed up to the nines for every occasion, The Hollywood Collection features an array of dazzling crystal accessories inspired by the style of the beautiful Starlets of the Silver Screen.

From statement to dainty gems, our ‘pieces’ hark back to a time when diamonds truly were a girl’s best friend. Encrusted with the highest quality Swarovski, Austrian and Czech crystals and cubic zirconia, each and every stone is set by hand following the process of true traditional craftsmanship.

Regularly gracing the pages of your favourite fashion magazines, The Hollywood Collection is the go-to place when an occasion calls for a touch of classic sparkle.

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