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10 Beautiful Ideas for the Something Blue Wedding Tradition

September 23, 2016

Of all of the wedding traditions that we have, our love of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ seems to grow with every passing year. It’s so popular because it gives us the chance to include items from loved ones and treat ourselves to something new (purely in the interests of good luck you understand) and we all seem to love finding creative ways to include a blue touch or two in our wedding day. Here are ten great ideas for your ‘something blue’.

Something blue wedding ideas

Images: Left via Something Turquoise | Top Right via Wedding Party | Bottom Right - Shimmering Sky Earrings by Glitzy Secrets

1. Charm Pin

Making your very own wedding charm pin is a great idea because you can include all your lucky items on it! There’s a great tutorial on Something Turquoise and your ‘something blue’ becomes all the more personal and you can include almost anything that you like (these also make really fab little gifts for a bride to be if you’re going to a hen party or bridal shower!)

2. Dress Detail

I really love ‘something blue’ details on dresses. Whether you have your wedding date and new name embroidered into your gown or have a little blue heart sewn inside, this is a wonderful way of working a blue detail into your day without it becoming too obvious.

3. Earrings

Every bride needs gorgeous wedding day jewellery and Glitzy Secrets has a huge choice for you! Of course, as we’re talking about ‘something blue’, I’ve chosen these Shimmering Sky earrings because they’re beautifully designed AND super lucky too!

Blue bridal accessories to enhance your colour scheme

Images: Left via Mod Wedding | Right via Burnett's Boards

4. Manicure

I don’t know about your but I love nail polish and my collection of colours is far larger than it really needs to be! A cute blue manicure or pedicure is a perfect  ‘something blue’ plus you get a bit of pampering time and you’re not only ready for your wedding day but you’re all set for your honeymoon too.

5. Shoes

It’s always great to see coloured shoes peeping from beneath a wedding gown so why not opt for some amazing blue shoes? Lots of designers include blue styles in their ranges (and Charlotte Mills also includes a lucky sixpence in the sole of her shoes too) or you could have a more traditional pair of wedding shoes dyed to the exact shade you want.

Inspiration for blue wedding day accessories

Images: Top Left - Blue Belle Hair Comb (sold out) by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Left via Cool Chic Style Fashion | Right via Style Me Pretty

6. Hair Comb

A hair comb with a few blue stones is a delightful way to include your ‘something blue’ in your wedding day ensemble. It’s subtle and sophisticated in equal measure and I love the Blue Belle hair comb from Glitzy Secrets because it’s glamorous, easy to wear and perfect for a wedding day up do.

7. Wraps & Cover-Ups

If you’re getting married during a colder month (or if you don’t trust summer weather!) a wrap or cover-up is an absolute must-have. How about a blue ballerina style cardigan that tied up with a blue satin ribbon for a luxurious yet practical ‘something blue’?

8. Ribbons

Dreamy blue ribbons tied around your bouquet are elegant, romantic and so so beautiful. This is a simple yet effective ‘something blue’ and of course, once the day is over, you can remove the ribbons from the bouquet as a wedding day keepsake.

Bridal shoes and garter in blue

Images: Left - Blue Belle Wedding Garter (sold out) by Glitzy Secrets | Right via Burnett's Boards (as before)

9. Garter

Whether you choose to show it off or not, wedding day garters are still very popular. This sweet Something Belle wedding garter from Glitzy Secrets is just such a pretty design and it’s finished with a little extra sparkle that makes it that bit more special.

10. Good Luck Messages

The whole ‘something blue’ rhyme is based around the idea of gathering together as much luck as possible for your wedding day and marriage so why not bring even more goodness to your day? How about letting your nearest and dearest write their own personal messages of good luck for you on the soles of your wedding day shoes – in blue of course!

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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