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10 Beautiful Ideas for Stylish Seating Plans

March 06, 2015

Hands up if you’re juggling different groups of friends and a sizeable extended family? Yes, we thought so. With two sets of family and friends attending the wedding, logistics can get tricky and when it comes to coordinating the seating plan a bride’s stress levels tend to rise. Take your mind off the guest list gauntlet with our handpicked collection of the most stylish wedding seating plans. This is one list guaranteed to inspire rather than infuriate, so leave the stress behind and let loose your creative side.

Inspiration for choosing the perfect seating plan

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Travel blackboard 

Where in the world are you sitting? This creative chalkboard has a very clear global theme and lists guests by their first name which adds a relaxed touch to proceedings. Don’t be fooled by the incredibly neat hand-writing, the groom at this particular wedding was a graphic designer so you could say he had an edge when it came to designing the stationary and props. That doesn’t mean you can’t create a stylish blackboard of your own. Just grab some coloured chalk or a chalk pen and write a list of your guests linking them to the corresponding numbers or names of your tables.

Framed luggage tags 

A simple and informal way to direct your guests to the correct table, these luggage tags are pegged onto lines of string and held within a basic wooden frame. Decorate the frame itself with a garland of flowers or spray paint the whole frame white for an alternative take on this rustic seating plan.

Hanging numbers 

A ‘hanging’ table plan works perfectly for smaller weddings with less than ten tables. Neatly write down the names of each guest on cut card and secure to a length of string or ribbon. This version is decorated with paper cone flowers but you could easily ask your florist to provide a few extra stems to frame the display.

Vintage mirrors

This gold-edged vintage mirror is the perfect focal point for a seating plan. Mirrors reflect the light and will attract the attention of your guests when they enter your venue. Some brides choose to write their guest list directly on the mirror itself using a marker pen but this collection of six cards is a neater and clearer way of directing your wedding party.

Wooden palettes

Similar in design to the framed luggage tags, this seating plan makes use of two wooden crates displayed on a mound of hay bales. The simple, rustic styling is easy to achieve with wooden panels, lengths of thin rope, wooden pegs and printed cards detailing the seating arrangements for each table. The cards themselves are framed with a rectangle of hessian fabric which adds to the countryside theme.

Doily designs 

For an outdoors wedding the ‘shabby chic’ look is perfect especially when it comes to the seating plan. Gather together a handful of paper doilies, a marker pen, a wooden frame, some floral fabric and some blackboard stickers to create this pretty design. Decide between you who has the neatest handwriting and order spare dollies to practice on before committing pen to paper.

Natural settings 

Seating plans don’t have to be over-complicated. Line up your guests names in alphabetical order and attach the place cards to mini tree stumps or little plant pots.

Framing each table 

Small vintage frames are a cost effective, quick and easy way to display your seating plan. Frames like these can be picked up at charity shops, car boot sales and craft fairs and spray painted to suit your colour scheme. Use old necklace chains to connect the frames together and print out typed sheets of card with the chart for each table.

Seating screen

If space in your venue allows for it, a screen is a wonderful way to attract guests attention when they first enter the reception room. Guests are often likely to forget that seats have been very carefully (often painstakingly!) allocated and the presence of a screen encourages them to consult the chart before sitting down.

No plan 

Seating plan making your head ache? It might worth forgetting about a structured table plan and suggesting that guests sit anywhere. Weddings are generally more relaxed and modern brides are influenced by the popularity of rustic, countryside themes so many couples choose to scrap the seating plan in favour of allowing their guests to mingle of their own accord. We think a relaxed wedding is a happy wedding!

Written by Anne - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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