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15 Extravagant Wedding Reception Décors To Inspire Your Day

June 10, 2016

These days, weddings can be truly huge, extravagant affairs, as more and more couples use the opportunity to throw the event of a lifetime for their friends and family. If you want to get the celeb-inspired, glamorous look, here’s how to create a high-impact reception:

Flowers, flowers, flowers

One thing that glamorous weddings always have in abundance is flowers and foliage. Luxurious blooms like orchids, peonies and roses are always incredibly popular at extravagant wedding receptions, often in pastel or white shades with little to no foliage. These flower arrangements can be bulked out with blooms such as hydrangea, which give any arrangement more volume and impact without using more pricey stems. As well as tall table centres in urns or glass vases, hanging flowers are a new glam trend, with blooms such as wisteria, cherry blossom and carnations looking incredible strung up above reception tables.

Foliage comes into its own when it comes to incidental décor, as stairways, fireplaces and mantelpieces look high-end when adorned with evergreens such as ivy or more delicate botanical-inspired greenery.

Extravagant wedding venue decor ideas

Images: Top Row via Amie Bone Flowers | Second Row Left via Wedluxe | Second Row Right via Style Me Pretty | Third Row Left via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Third Row Right via Mod Wedding | Fourth Row Left via Rock My Wedding | Fourth Row Right via Square Root Designs | Bottom Row via Square Root Designs (as before)


Another must-have for an extravagant wedding theme is chandeliers – and the more the better! Many stately homes or mansions will already come with their own chandeliers, and more luxury marquees will come with options to include chandeliers and lighting rigs. Wherever possible, hire more chandeliers and have them installed over long dining tables or the dancefloor for maximum impact.


As well as chandeliers, candles are the glamorous wedding lighting of choice, and look amazing when included in table centres in high numbers. Tall candelabras in gold or silver (for a vintage look) or perspex or glass (for something more modern) look fantastic when placed along long dining tables or in the centre of round tables. Wind your flowers or foliage around your candelabra for a doubly glamorous look.

Other beautiful candle options are clusters of candles placed all down the centre of a table (make sure to check this isn’t likely to be a fire hazard!) and up staircases. Floating candles in water are also making a big comeback, so you could incorporate these into your centrepieces or ask your venue whether candles can be added to any water features such as fountains.

Opulent wedding decoration inspiration

Images: Top Row Left via Amanda Megan Miller Greenery | Top Row Right via White Lilac Inc | Second Row Left via Colin Cowie Weddings | Second Row Right via White Lilac Inc (as before) | Bottom Row Left via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Bottom Row Right via Belle the Magazine

Glass and metallics

Depending on what type of look you’re going for, glass or metallics are likely to play a large part in your luxurious wedding theme. Rich colours such as red go beautifully with gold and silver décor such as vases, cutlery and dinnerware, as do neutrals and ivories. If you want a modern look without added metallic touches, glass and Perspex can help your wedding have that extra extravagant feeling – we love the way they look with hot pinks and chic whites.

For inspiration, we have included 15 of the most extravagant wedding receptions we’ve seen.

Written by Izzy - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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