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15 Of The Most Stunning Bridal Bouquets Ever

May 23, 2016

As someone who simply adores flowers, I should say straight away that this is quite honestly one of the hardest features that I’ve ever had to write. How to choose just fifteen stunning bridal bouquets? I could have shared ten times that many with you today! However, in an exercise of complete self-control here’s my final edit of fifteen absolutely gorgeous bouquets plus some thoughts on what makes a great wedding bouquet.

Oversize and dramatic bridal bouquets with the wow factor

Images: Top Row Left via French Wedding Style | Top Row Right via Riley and Grey | Second Row Left via Wedding Sparrow | Second Row Right via Fab Mood | Third Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Third Row Right via Fly Away Bride | Bottom Row Left via Chic Vintage Brides | Bottom Row Right via Wedding Sparrow (as before)

Firstly, let’s talk about style. The very best wedding bouquets are the one that absolutely suit your style and that of your wedding. So, a cute little hand-tied bouquet will look wonderful with a short tea-length dress while a large, loose arrangement is perfect with a long, flowing gown. Do take images of your dress to your florist when you visit them so that they can get a real sense of your style, as this will help them enormously.

Seasonality is another BIG thing to consider and a bouquet full of seasonal flowers always makes my heart beat a little faster. Peonies are an iconic example of this and their fleeting, all-too-short season makes them all the more popular for brides. Bold anemones, papery ranunculus, English summer meadow flowers and more all play a part in creating the best bouquets.

I also love a touch of the unexpected in wedding bouquets because these are the ones that tend to ooze individuality and really demand attention. Golden leaves, berries, herbs, succulents, grasses, feathers and a whole host of other options are absolutely worth considering if you’d like your bouquet to really make a statement. Some of these items also have the benefit of keeping the cost of the bouquet down a little if they’re cheaper than the blooms themselves.

Stunning statement unstructured bridal bouquets

Images: Top Row Left via Love My Dress | Top Row Right via Wedding Sparrow (as before) | Second Row Left via Love My Dress (as before) | Second Row Right via Wedding Sparrow (as before) | Third Row Right via 100 Layer Cake | Bottom Row Left via Wedding Sparrow (as before) | Bottom Row Right via Ruffled

Greenery is also, in my opinion, really important in a bouquet. It brings balance and can add texture and depth to colours as well as helping to create interesting shapes and sizes. Grey/green, almost frosted foliage looks amazing in winter, fresh greens are perfect for spring and frankly anything looks great in summer from bold greens to faded tones. Some bouquets are made entirely of foliage and these also look spectacular.

Accessories can also bring personality to a bouquet. I have such a soft spot for romantic, trailing ribbons and they give a real touch of fine art beauty to a bouquet. Again, the finishing touches need to suit your style so tied raffia probably isn’t going to work for an elegant wedding for example but would be spot-on perfect for a more rustic affair.

Finally, I have to mention size and, as you can probably see from my selection of bouquets here, I love BIG bouquets right now. Oversize, unstructured, bouquets that almost have the air of a Dutch Master painting about them are my absolute favourites because, quite simply, the flowers are the stars. They haven’t been wired or tightly packed into compact posies, they’re just natural and wildly romantic. These large bouquets are also once-in-a-lifetime arrangements – you’re highly unlikely ever to carry or commission such an exuberant bouquet ever again so why not give your florist free reign to create something that you’ll remember forever?

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets


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