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1970s Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

May 02, 2016

If the thought of being a beautiful boho bride makes you smile then you absolutely should look to the decade that’s the epitome of bohemian romance and that’s the 1970s. So, let’s take our inspiration from that free spirited decade and turn ourselves into bridal beatniks…

Let’s start by talking about colours and, happily, you can take your pick of any earthy, natural colour palette you like. This isn’t a time for subtle pastels because crazy combinations were a definite part of the 1970s charm. Bring on bold, almost clashing colours if that works for your or stick to a neutral base and add organic shades throughout.

Ideas for a 1970s boho wedding theme

Images: Top Row Left via Cedarwood Weddings | Top Row Right via Bridal Musings | Second Row Left via Green Wedding Shoes | Second Row Right - Beautiful in Bloom Hair Flower (Sold Out) by Glitzy Secrets | Third Row Left via Rustic Wedding Chic | Third Row Right via Pinterest | Bottom Row Left via B Lovely Events | Bottom Row Right via Festival Brides

Today’s bridal designers are definitely taking their inspiration from this period so you’ve got a great selection of boho inspired wedding dresses to choose from. Think flowing skirts, gypsy necklines and unstructured designs and, of course, you’ll need a loose, undone hairstyle to complete the look. When we think of boho brides, we invariably think of flower crowns but Glitzy Secrets’ wedding hair flowers are an absolute must. Long lasting, easy to wear and gorgeous to look at, these floral headpieces will make sure your wedding look is oh-so special.

Bridesmaids certainly need long maxi dresses and, given the relaxed vibe of the 1970s inspired boho wedding, there’s no need for your maids to match. Stick with your colour palette but let your girls choose their own style and pattern because, after all, the boho look is all about glorious individuality.

Now, for the ultimate 1970s wedding, there are a few things you absolutely must have. Firstly, the decade’s iconic peacock chair should be top of your props shopping list. You can pick up vintage peacock chairs on EBay and whilst some might need a little bit of TLC to get them ready for your wedding, it’s well worth the effort. A fabulous accessory for a photo booth or even, if you can get two, chairs for the bride and groom!

You’ll also need to get knotty for a 1970s wedding and get to grips with macramé! This was everywhere at the time and, if you can follow some online tutorials, you’ll be able to make everything from table runners to unique save the dates, holders for hanging floral arrangements and ceremony backdrops.

1970s boho wedding day inspiration

Images: Top Row Left via Wedding Day Trend | Top Row Right via Brit & Co | Second Row Left - Blooms and Ribbons Hair Flower by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via Green Wedding Shoes (as before) | Third Row Left via Green Wedding Shoes (as before) | Third Row Right via Ebay | Fourth Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Bottom Row Left via Chew Town | Bottom Row Right via Flickr

Finally, no bohemian wedding should be without some homemade dreamcatchers. These are just great for weddings for lots of reasons – they’re easy to make, cost effective and super flexible. Use mini versions as escort cards or place markers and group lots of larger dreamcatchers together to make a superb 70s backdrop.

Of course, this era was all about relaxed unconformity so to really get in touch with the time, how about ditching a formal meal and instead opt for a laid-back picnic or potluck style buffet? Natural, seasonal, healthy food would work perfectly and for a final flourish of flower power, you could serve edible flowers frozen into lollies or cubes to drop into drinks.

If you’d like your wedding to be a real summer of love celebration then you should go back in time to the 1970s to start your planning.


Written by Tamryn Lawrence

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