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25 Beautiful Ways To Create A Pearl Wedding Theme

October 05, 2016

Pearls really are perfect for weddings. They’re elegant, timeless, classically beautiful and they can be teamed with gold, silver, rose golds or other metals to fabulous effect. Pearls work well with rustic themes, pastel shades or even glamorous Gatsby-inspired vintage weddings. You can use them in literally hundreds of ways at your wedding to bring luxury and style to your day and here, to get you started, are twenty-five ways that you can create a pearl wedding theme…

Ideas to create a pearl wedding theme

Images (left to right): 1 - via Style Me Pretty | 2 - via Intimate Weddings | 3 - Emmy London | 4 - Snowflake of Beauty Brooch by Glitzy Secrets | 5 - via Weddbook

Inspiration for including pearls in your wedding day

Images (left to right): 6 - via Etsy | 7 - via Elizabeth Anne Designs | 8 - via Weddingomania | 9 - Statement of Pearl Necklace (sold out) by Glitzy Secrets | 10 - via Style Me Pretty (as before)

The Outfit

I don’t believe in always leaving the best until last so let’s treat ourselves right now and talk about your bridal ensemble. Obviously, pearl embellishments on your gown would be wonderful but, keeping the season in mind, why not opt for a cape or shrug that’s decorated with pearls? Of course, glamorous shoes or a pearl studded clutch bag work brilliantly but pearl jewellery is most definitely an essential purchase. A pearl wedding necklace, earrings or stunning side tiara are also must-have accessories or how about a delightful pearl brooch for brides that you could use on a belt or sash?

Pearl decor ideas for your wedding reception

Images (left to right): 11 - via Etsy (as before) | 12 - via Wedding Wire | 13 - via Love My Dress | 14 - via Want That Wedding | 15 - Top Inspired

The Décor

When it comes to your wedding décor, there’s so much that can be done with pearls. Pearl chair decorations are definite showstoppers and I love pearls draped from table plans, backdrops, lanterns or branches that can decorate tables, buffets or other focal points. Pearls are also surprisingly easy to include if you’d like to indulge in some wedding DIY. You can find tutorials and instructions online to make frames covered in pearls that you can use for table numbers or how about adding pearls to giant letters, horseshoes or other items? I’m really taken with the idea of adding a couple of pearls to spray-painted pinecones for fabulous seasonal place markers.

Pearl wedding decor accents

Images (left to right): 16 - via Deer Pearl Flowers | 17 - Bohemian & Chic | 18 - via Confetti Daydreams | 19 - via Phil Chester | 20 - via Tigerlily Weddings

The Details

The delight is so often in the detail when it comes to weddings and with a pearl wedding theme, the world is quite literally your oyster! In fact, the only limit is your imagination but I’ll share a few of my favourite ideas and projects with you now to get you started…

Wrist corsages make excellent alternatives to bouquets for bridesmaids and, if these are fashioned around a pearl bracelet, the flowers can be removed after the wedding so your maids are left with a super pretty keepsake. Whilst we’re on a subject of bouquets, pearl-headed pins can be added to your bouquet handle or to your partner’s buttonhole too.

Pearl accessories for brides

Images (left to right): 21 - via The Lane | 22 - via Beautiful Occasions | 23 - Heirloom of Pearl Side Tiara by Glitzy Secrets | 24 - via Etsy (as before) | 25 - Charming Pearls Hair Band by Glitzy Secrets

Little pearls can be added successfully to your wedding stationery – if you want to do this yourself, you’ll need some strong glue, a pair or tweezers and a steady hand for perfect placement! You can also use pearls to personalise a bridesmaid’s gift bag or your favour boxes.

Your cake can also be a part of your pearl wedding theme. Faux edible pearls can sit between layers, cascade down the entire cake or be used for any decoration that you like. A pearlescent shimmer can also be added to the icing of the cake if you’d like even more opulence.

Finally, if your wedding is pet-friendly or if you just can’t imagine getting married without your dog in attendance, you really must let your hound wear a ‘Dog of Honour’ sign hanging from a pearl collar because that’s just about the best finishing touch any pearl themed wedding could wish for!

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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