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5 Top Florists - Winter Wedding Bouquets

November 16, 2018

Can you believe that winter is almost upon us? Today we’re talking about all things floral, getting the lowdown from top 5 florists in the UK about the swoon-worthy bridal bouquets that are the perfect fit for the season

The Rose Shed

The lovely Rachel of The Rose Shed explains, “Winter is the perfect time of year to embrace texture in the form of foliage and berries. Here I used berried eucalyptus alongside dark black berried ivy which offers a great deal of texture and interest. Dark green and soft grey fir, spruce and ferns offer that winter feel without being too Christmassy. Couples often think that flowers are in short supply in the winter, however there are an abundance of beautiful varieties coming through such as anemone, ranunculus, narcissi. Colour wise you can opt for classic wintery ivory tones, but here I have added in a cappuccino shade to add more depth to the bouquet, giving it a richer feel. Or sumptuous jewel tones such as plum, burgundy and deep reds add lots of warmth to any winter wedding."

The Roseshed wedding flower advice

Images: Both via The Rose Shed

Fleur Provocateur

Inspired by the countryside with a dash of luxury, Fleur Provocateur certainly knows a thing or two about wedding flowers. When designing a winter bridal bouquet, you can draw from inspiration from various elements. Most obvious might be the traditional route of a white or red focus with seasonal elements like holly, berried ivy, pine cones. Do not be afraid to mix up the colours, for example using a dark burgundy and blush. Using metallic hues adds a touch of glamour and fun to the festivities. Accents of metallics, such as golds, silvers and coppers will enhance the festive feel of this Christmas week wedding while adding a hint of glitzy and opulence. In the New Year, fresh whites and lighter greens could be the promise of a spring just around the corner. While, in the early winter skeletal branches, ghostly forms of honesty bring a winter chill.”

Bridal bouquet tips by Fleur Provocateur

Images: Left via Fleur Provacateur by Jackson and Co Photography / Center via Fleur Provacateur (same as before) by How Photography / Right via Fleur Provacaeur (same as before) by Katharine Davies Photography

Emma Soulsby Flowers

A luxury florist in London, Emma loves chatting about beautiful blooms. “I just love it at the beginning of the new season, seeing the new flowers that mother nature has to offer really excites me! Typically, when I think of winter wedding bouquets, I think of deeper colours, berries, lots of textures and lush foliage very similar to the one I created here.  If the colours are too deep for you though, I think oranges mixing with berries is a lovely way to still show the change of season without going too 'Christmas'.  And if that's still too much then go for beautiful undertones of Christmas and have a beautiful classical bouquet.”

Emma Soulsby Flowers bouquet ideas

Images: Left via Emma Soulsby Flowers by Modern Vintage Weddings Photography / Center via Emma Soulsby Flowers (same as before) by Barney Walters Photography / Right via Emma Soulsby Flowers (same as before) by Lottie Ettling Photography

Passion for Flowers

When it comes to flowers to fit in with this beautiful season, Karen at Passion for Flowers explains, “For a natural style, choose a winter wedding bouquet full of texture and offer a mix of foliage and blooms. This organic style bouquet was created with a mix of foliage including eucalyptus, variegated leaves, ozmanthus, grey brunia berries, blue thistle, avalanche roses, the softest ranunculus flowers with lisianthus and touches of wax flower. The style suited an elegant New Year's Eve wedding, the bridesmaids carried a mix of blooms and foliage to tie the look together with their elegant navy dresses.”

Bouquet tips from Passion for Flowers

Images: Left via Passion for Flowers by Eliza Claire / Right via Passion for Flowers (same as before) by FW Photography

Ivy Amelia Florals

Flower-obsessed Victoria at Ivy-Amelia Florals says, "My favourite winter wedding bouquets are created using crisp white blooms accented with softest introduction of colour, such as a blush pink. Truly evocative of those glorious crisp and cool mornings of the winter months. Many people believe that flower varieties are scarce around this time, but the Winter season is both beautiful and abundant. This particular bouquet, included super scented collection of seasonal and all year-round blooms, incorporating lots of movement and texture with soft foliages including ferns, eucalyptus and rosemary. The introduction of these greens, highlight the muted palette and create a gentle and informal look, perfect for your Winter love story."

Ivy Amelia Florals wedding flower inspiration

Images: All three images via Ivy Amelia Florals by Irene Yap Photography


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