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April’s Diamond: Inspiration For Your Birthstone Wedding

April 02, 2015

If there’s one stone that intrinsically linked to weddings, it’s the diamond. It’s ever popular for engagement rings and it’s clear, sparkling beauty is often seen in wedding day jewellery for brides, maids, mothers and guests. There’s a definite expensive luxe aura about the diamond and as well as being a simply stunning bridal accessory, it can also inspire amazing weddings…

As I’ve already mentioned, diamonds are often worn as weddings but why not let other elements of your outfit shine too? Glimmering embellished bodices can be seen in so many designer collections right now and it’s easy to see why. They add radiance and opulence and these designs are just beautiful. Don’t be tempted to go too far with the sparkle though so gowns that reveal backs, shoulder or arms just soften the look a little.

April diamond birthstone wedding theme ideas

Images: Top Row Left via Ruffled | Top Row Right via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Second Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Second Row Right - Starlet's Extravagance Earrings by Glitzy Secrets| Third Row Left via The Cake Blog | Third Row Right via Style Me Pretty | Fourth and Bottom Row Right via Wedding Chicks | Bottom Row Left via Etsy

Glinting shoes that peep from beneath your skirts are another brilliant touch and can take comfortable flats to a whole new level of excellence! Shoes adorned with diamond inspired touches are also ideal and don’t forget that shoe clips are great for adding additional glitz to footwear. Your jewellery is clearly going to be sparkling and you can keep it simple or make a real statement – the choice is yours!

For your flowers, whites, frosted greys and silvers would be stunning. Why not use your white blooms for softness and the silvery elements for structure? This will ensure there’s still a soft bridal romance to your floral scheme but don’t be afraid to add glittering ribbons and cut or silvered glass to bouquets and arrangements as they’ll just bring a bit more opulence to your wedding.

Twinkling table linen is a definite must-have. You could use it just for your cake table, for the top table or even as glittered chair covers set against crisp white cloths. If your venue doesn’t have any of these, there are plenty of companies that hire them specifically for weddings so a few minutes online will be all you’ll need!

In terms of other decorations, you can go as grand as you like with a diamond wedding theme. Towering candelabras look fabulous but you can also bring the bling with little details – adding glitter washi tape to pegs to create a seating card display for example is an easy DIY that looks super. Another wedding day make would be a mirrored seating plan. Find yourself a good size mirror in a silver frame and simply write on the seating allocations. You can find pens that write on glass at most craft shops and online so why not give it a try?

Diamond wedding theme inspiration

Images: Top Row Left via The Knot | Top Row Right via 100 Layer Cake | Second Row Left via unknown | Second Row Right via Hostess with the Mostess | Third Row Left via Beyond Beyond | Third Row Right via Once Wed | Bottom Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Bottom Row Right via Tricia Fountaine

If diamonds are all about luxury then you need to provide your guests with a few treats too. A silver and white candy buffet would be a show-stopping addition to your wedding and it’s a real focal point too. A good sprinkle of edible glitter is a must-have! Also consider your cake – glittery layers or sparkling embellishments, both are ideal. I also love the silver cake toppers as they’re fun and again, simple to make if you’re feeling crafty.

A diamond wedding theme is surprisingly adaptable – it would work at any time of the year (although winter would be wonderful!) and you can use the sparkle as generously or as sparingly as you like. Whatever you choose to do, there’s no denying the glamour of a diamond wedding day.

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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