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Beautiful Spring Wedding Bouquets

March 09, 2016

As any Spring bride will tell you, one of the best things about a Spring wedding is the flowers. As the weather warms up and gardens begin to come back to life after the cold of Winter, you’ll find that you have an abundance of beautiful blooms to choose from for your wedding flowers. Here are some of our favourites…

Spring wedding bouquet ideas for your special day

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Daffodils, Narcissi and Paperwhites

Before you get confused, ‘narcissus’ can refer to any flower in the daffodil family, but people commonly use it to describe the small, sweetly-fragranced flowers also known as paperwhites. With us so far? Daffodils make for a gorgeous Spring bouquet; the larger, brighter blooms are budget-friendly and make a huge impact, or you could opt for a delicate, pale variety for a chic take on an all-white bouquet. Daffodil bouquets are easily DIY’d too, and can help bulk out a Spring garden bouquet with their cheerful yellow petals.


Hyacinths are always a welcome addition to any wedding bouquet due to their amazing scent – use them at your wedding and you’ll have fond memories every time hyacinths bloom in Spring. They come in shades of blue, white, pink and purple, which makes them perfect to mix and match for pastel wedding themes. Why not give your bridesmaids different shades for an ombre effect?


The humble tulip is an incredible multi-tasker when it comes to Spring weddings. They come in a huge range of colours, from romantic red to bright yellow and soft coral, which means they’re almost guaranteed to match your wedding theme. They work well bundled with other blooms like roses, daffodils and muscari, or for a more modern, streamlined look you can stick to just tulips. For a chic edge, try ruffled parrot or honeymoon tulips.

Spring bridal bouquet inspiration

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Sometimes mistaken for bluebells and confusingly called grape hyacinths, delicate blue muscari often appear at Spring weddings to add colour to wedding bouquets and table decorations – we love them hand tied in their own bouquets, or mixed with tulips or paperwhites. The blooms are so delicate that they also make beautiful floral crowns.


Increasingly popular with on-trend brides, ranunculus are a great Winter-Spring alternative to peonies or garden roses. These soft, blousy flowers are available from December to May, and can act as the star bloom in a bridal or bridesmaid bouquet. Whether you chose a bright, punchy colour or a pale pink or white, ranunculus are undeniably modern and romantic all at once.

Written by Izzy - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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