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Beautifully Dusky Lilac Grey Wedding Ideas

October 23, 2016

Choosing a colour palette for your wedding can be an incredibly difficult decision, mainly because there are just so many to choose from! But we think that we’ve found a beautiful colour combination that you’re going to fall head over heels in love with: a dusky lilac grey colour palette. So let’s get started with how to create this gorgeous theme…

Romantic lilac grey wedding colour scheme ideas

Images: Top Row via Style Me Pretty | Second Row Left via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Second Row Right - Bygone Charm Hair Clip - Glitzy Secrets | Third Row via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Bottom Row Left via Style Me Pretty  (as before) | Bottom Row Right via Whimsical Wonderland Wedding 

The Bride

Subtly coloured gowns are becoming more and more popular in recent years. So why not embrace the lilac grey colour palette by incorporating it into your wedding dress? A watercolour lilac gown will look utterly beautiful and is completely feminine. Add a touch of grey and wear some sparkly silver shoes to make your way down the aisle in. Prefer a traditional white gown? Then you can easily compliment your dress with a lilac belt adorned with glittering gems. Accessorise with silver jewellery – Glitzy Secrets have an abundance of gorgeous bridal jewellery that’ll make you sparkle!

The Groom

An obvious choice for the groom would be to don a smart grey suit, and I think this would look incredibly dapper with a lilac tie and a lavender buttonhole. But if a grey suit isn’t your style, navy is a fab alternative. Just opt for a lilac grey buttonhole and handkerchief, and that’s enough to fit in with your chosen theme.

The Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will love you for choosing this beautiful colour scheme as there is so much choice for them! They will look wonderful in dusky lilac grey dresses – mix and match hem lengths and dress styles for a modern take. Alternatively, chic grey gowns with silver heeled sandals will look gorgeous too. Why not gift your ladies with some jewellery from the Glitzy Secrets Bridesmaid Range? The Haze of Amethyst Hair Comb adds a pop of colour and will look lovely as a finishing touch.

Elegant lilac grey inspiration for your wedding day

Images: Top Row Left via Wedding Sparrow | Top Row Right via Style Me Pretty (as before) | Second Row Left via Cake Teacher | Second Row Right via Mod Wedding | Third Row Left via Magnolia Rouge | Third Row Right - Haze of Amethyst Hair Comb by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Row via Style Me Pretty (as before)

The Wedding Flowers

Wild wedding flowers are seriously on trend for 2016 and 2017 weddings, and they work perfectly for a lilac grey wedding. Opt for lavender inspired bouquets mixed with lots of greenery and natural foliage. The lavender will look as if it’s been picked from the garden and will also have a lovely scent. Why not add a lilac grey ribbon around the stems of the bridal bouquet to make it stand out from the other wedding flowers?

Wedding Cake

Have you ever thought about having an ombré wedding cake? Your cake will look incredibly modern and truly delectable! Start with dark grey icing at the base of the cake, gradually getting lighter as you work your way up to the top tier, where it should finish as a beautiful lilac icing. Finish it off with a chic silver cake topper! Your wedding cake maker will be able to discuss the exact design, and they are likely to offer some fab tips to fit in with your theme.

Wedding Décor

It’s often the small details that have the biggest impact when it comes to wedding décor. For instance, create a glowing atmosphere by strategically dotting lilac grey candles in silver holders around your venue. Even better if they have a beautiful scent, such as lavender or lilac blossom. Grey napkins wrapped with lilac ribbon and a sprig of lavender will create beautiful place settings. A simple way to make your reception tables unique is simply by adding a lilac grey table runner – the colour is incredibly easy to find now that it’s so popular in the world of weddings.

We hope you adore this gorgeous theme as much as we do! It’s completely chic yet still has a touch of femininity.

Written by Lottie - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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