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Cute Page Boy Top Tips for Your Wedding Day

July 27, 2017

If you are including little ones in your wedding party then an unbelievably cute page boy is a must! Whether he's a ring bearer, a handsome partner to walk your mini bridesmaid down the aisle or simply one of the Groom's party, there's no denying he'll bring a smile to your guests' faces.

If you're thinking of having an adorable little man join you as you walk down the aisle, you'll no doubt want him to look adorable and be well-behaved. We all know a wedding can be a long day for adults and very tiring for children, so along with cute page boy outfit and style ideas, we've put together our top tips for keeping him (and you!) happy all day long.

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Page Boy Style Ideas

Rustic Chic

If you are planning a rustic themed wedding day, what could be more adorable than a page boy in a smart tweed outfit, a bow tie and braces? If your little fellow is very young and it isn't too cold, opting for a shirt without a jacket will ensure he's less restricted and more comfortable. A happy page boy equals a happy bride!

Tuxedo Style

We all love weddings with a formal dress code and, if you have chosen to go black tie for your wedding dress code, there's no denying a page boy in a tuxedo or suit will look amazing in your photos. Most boys will love looking so grown-up but making sure he's wearing a waistcoat is always a good idea as he'll look super smart if he decides to take off his jacket.

Mini Me

How adorable is it when the page boy looks like a mini version of the groom? Most suit hire companies will offer ties, waistcoats and pocket squares in a wide range of sizes, meaning you replicate the style of your groom and his party. You don't even have to recreate the entire look; just opting for trousers, a shirt and a tie in the same colour is perfect for a less formal yet still coordinated style.

Cute in Kilts

Do you have some Scottish heritage? If your groom is wearing a kilt on the big day, why not also have your page boy wearing a kilt? We think it looks super cute and makes for an adorable wedding photo. If he isn't keen on the idea, keep everyone happy and have a tie and pocket square made from the same tartan.

Ring Security

Every guest will have their heart melt when your page boy walks down the aisle with a ring security sign! If your page boy is acting as ring bearer then this is a great option and he will love his moment in the spotlight.

Here Comes the Bride

If a ring security sign doesn’t suit your style then how about a ‘Here comes to bride’ sign? It’s a perfect photo opportunity that your wedding guests will love. Browse Instagram or Pinterest for cute poem and statement ideas or why not get creative and write something personal and have it printed?

Cute page boy wedding inspiration ideas

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Top Tips to Keep You and Your Page Boy Happy

  • Consider his age: Walking down the aisle is pretty scary, so if you’re five years old it’s probably even scarier! Think about the age of your page boy, if they are very young then they might prefer to walk down with an older bridesmaid for a bit of support.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected: Small children can be unpredictable so it's best to be relaxed and prepared. If they decide they don’t fancy walking down the aisle on the day, they can still be in the photos!
  • Think about spare clothes: Spillages happen so definitely consider having a backup shirt or t-shirt for your little man.
  • Get SO many photos: The little people in your bridal party won’t be little for long, treasure this special moment and ask your wedding photographer to take lots of photos.
  • Have fun: Children at weddings can be unpredictable but they will also add such a special element of fun to your day. So stay relaxed, have fun and have the best day.

 Written by Caroline - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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