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Embellished Wedding Dress or Plain? What's Your Aisle Style?

July 18, 2018

Gorgeous wedding gowns are everywhere online at this time of year and if your Insta feed is anything like mine, there’s so much to love. But, how do you choose your wedding dress style? Do you opt for a romantic lace bridal gown or one of the stunning modern wedding dresses that feature in so many designer collections right now? If you’re wondering what to wear or where to start, we’re here to help…

Before you start shopping, think about the style of wedding you’re planning. If you’ve chosen a modern, urban or industrial venue, a simple gown would work perfectly. Alternatively, a grander venue calls for a statement dress. However, these rules aren’t set in stone. Embellished dresses can work in a boho or beach setting for example so, when you visit your bridal boutique, ask your stylist for advice and show them some photos of your venue too.

You might also like to think about the kind of dress that you want to wear. Does a simple style automatically appeal or do you love the thought of wearing a statement piece? You’ll probably be drawn more naturally to one style but again, shop with an open mind. Take your stylist’s advice about what might suit you and you might find that you fall for a gown that’s nothing like the one you thought you’d choose!

Eye-catching embellished wedding dresses

Embellished and detailed wedding dresses

Images: Top Row Left via BHLDN | Top Row Right via Want That Wedding & Needle and Thread | Second Row Left via Anna Campbell | Second Row Right via Style Me Pretty | Third Row Left via Junebug Weddings by Grant Daniels Photography | Third Row Right via MOD Wedding | Bottom Row Left via Pinterest | Bottom Row Right via Magnolia Rouge by This Modern Romance

Over the last few years, designers have included more and more embellished dresses in their collections. Jenny Packham, Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford and Pronovias for example have designed gowns with the most wonderful beading and embroidery, even if the style of gown is very different.

There are also designers such as Karen Willis Holmes who design gowns that are heavily embellished yet still relatively simple in style – it is possible to marry both styles in one dress!

Boho style gowns can also be embellished and Australian designer Anna Campbell is one of the best in working this style. Anna’s dresses are some of the most popular ever on Pinterest and she says they’re for ‘modern romantics’. Every gown is made to order and the custom embellishments really are something else. Another similar style comes from Rue De Seine and these are super free-spirited designs!

Simply stunning wedding gowns

Simple and plain wedding dresses

Images: Top Row Left via Rosa Clara | Top Row Right via Green Wedding Shoes by Phil Chester | Second Row Left via Lucia Se Casa | Second Row Right via Happy Wedd | Third Row Right via Bloglovin by Xavier Navarro| Bottom Row Left via Pinterest (as before) | Bottom Row Right via Junebug Weddings by Ashley Rae Photography

A simple silk dress for brides will still feature in most designer collections but the modern lines and designs that include lace and other delicious, high-quality fabrics for a clean, elegant look that’s incredibly feminine.

Designers to take a look at here would include Naomi Neoh and Cherry Williams London. For a really cool, contemporary take on simplicity, I’d suggest getting to know Charlie Brear, a London label that shuns embellishment and opts instead for perfect lines and total sophistication.

Andrea Hawkes marries simplicity with contemporary style as does & For Love. Alexandra Grecco is all about clean, chic lines but brings a little edge to tradition – simple never ever means boring with these designers!


Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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