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How to Choose Wedding Songs

October 21, 2017

The music you choose to use throughout your big day is one of the most important things to tick off your wedding to-do-list, and we truly believe it should be near the top of your priorities. It will help your day to flow, it’ll add to the emotion and the wedding songs you choose to use should reflect both of you as a couple. Perhaps you both have a favourite song, or you remember a song playing in the background during your first date, or you have found a playlist that totally sums up your wonderful relationship. Today we’re taking a look at lots of lovely wedding song ideas to help you pull of the most romantic day of your lives…

We recommend getting to grips with your wedding music at the very start of the planning process. It gives you time to choose the songs you like, you’ll come across songs you had forgotten about and you’re likely to discover new music that you’d love to be a part of your special day. You’ll find that there are hundreds, if not thousands of songs, that you’d love to use in the ceremony right through to the first dance and beyond. So, as you can see, the more time you have to plan your wedding playlist, the better! Plus, it will mean you can enjoy every second of your playlist leading up to the big day itself. This is definitely key if music is a huge part of your relationship.

Ideas for choosing your wedding songs

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Choose songs that mean something to you. Is there a significant piece of music that reminds you of your first kiss? Or perhaps there’s a song that reflects your engagement? Your music for the day should be completely personal to you both, and the right set of songs will add meaning to each moment of your day.

Although you may only have one set playlist for your wedding day you’ll need to break it down into a few sections. For instance, consider the songs that will play ahead of the ceremony while guests are filtering in and taking their seats. This playlist will set the scene for the day so choose songs that are simple yet romantic and a reflection of what’s about to happen.

Choosing your wedding music

Images: Left via Bridal Musings (as before) by Pntuhoto Sacci | Centre via Style Me Pretty | Right via Deer Pearl Flowers

For the ceremony itself, consider if you’d like to have traditional wedding hymns or your favourite chart song as you walk down the aisle. You’ll be totally lost in the moment and you want to feel connected to the music. Don’t forget about the logistics – you’ll need to make sure it’s long enough to make it down the aisle. Consider a harpist, acoustic guitarist or a love song that you feel would be the best fit for this magical moment.

You will then need to consider music for your drinks reception and wedding breakfast – so it’s time to find the perfect playlist for mingling, chatting and lots of socialising. Songs with a chilled-out vibe or an upbeat tone will help to keep guests happy and relaxed. Experiment with your playlist and listen to it while you’re doing things around the house to see if it works.

There are so many beautiful first dance songs to choose from so you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. Spend time listening to music with your wife or hubby-to-be and see if you can imagine yourself spending your first dance listening to this. When you hear the right song, you’ll know!

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