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How To Decide Whether To Wear a Wedding Veil or Not

July 28, 2018

A wedding veil can dramatically change the look of your aisle style, and many brides question, “should I wear one?”. If this is a question you’ve asked yourself, you’re definitely in the right place as we’re chatting all about the different types of bridal veil and whether wearing one is the right choice for you.

Let’s rewind a couple of years, where the tradition of wearing a wedding veil to cover the hair and face was a symbolic reference of the bride’s virginity. However, in modern day weddings, they’re another addition to your bridal outfit and can instantly transform the look you are going for on your special day. They are not just meant for religious ceremonies. Whether you’re having an outdoor festival wedding or a classic country house celebration, you can definitely rock a veil. There are so many different styles, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits not only your dress, but the type of day you’re planning of having. So, let’s get stuck in and find out a little more about what’s on offer…

Do you need help to decide whether to wear a wedding veil or not?

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The Cathedral veil is a truly iconic design and probably the most formal of the lot. It’s the perfect choice if you’re planning an ultra-luxurious wedding and you want to make a statement as you walk down the aisle. It’s much longer than the train of the wedding dress and it really is stunning.


Another classic in the collection, a chapel veil is a traditional style that falls to the floor and is just a little longer than the dress. This is a classically elegant choice that is made for the romantic bride.


An utterly delightful choice for any bride-to-be, the length does not reach the floor, and instead ends between the knees and the ankles. It is also known as the waltz veil and it is a lovely option for those who want the drama of a long veil, but none of the hassle!


This is one of the shorter options, often made out of netting. This is a popular choice for brides who want to give their bridal outfit a vintage feel and they look divine teamed with a tea-length gown.

Fly-Away Veils

Similarly to a birdcage veil, a fly-away is shorter and made out of netting that typically sits just under the shoulders. It is also suited to vintage-inspired bridal looks but offers more of a statement aisle style.


The name says it all, this gorgeous style falls just at the bride’s finger tips. A classic choice, this style of bridal veil was worn by Kate Middleton at The Royal Wedding. Understated yet equally stunning, the fingertip veil is an exquisite option for a bride.

Juliet Cap

With a vintage, 1920s and 1930s inspired vibe, you may recognise the Juliet cap veil from Kate Moss’ wedding. It’s made for the bride who wants to add a touch of bygone glamour to her aisle style.

Mantilla Veil

Also known as the Spanish lace veil, the mantilla comes in varying lengths but is identified by its stunning lace lining. It also features a slightly scalloped edge, making it a lovely option for the bride who wants something a little different for her wedding day look.

Whether to wear a veil or not on your wedding day

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A veil is a beautiful way of adding the extra wow factor to a simple and understated dress – if this is the case, opt for a design adorned with lace, embroidery and appliqué. If your dress is extravagant, it’s better to choose a complementing veil that is a little more on the minimalist side.

Consider the hairstyle you’ll be wearing on your wedding day, will it work with a veil? The majority of hairstyles work beautifully with a bridal veil, including half-up half-down, up-dos and more. Don’t forget to think about the accessories you’d like to wear with your veil – you will find tonnes of divine options at Glitzy Secrets.

If you do decide to wear a veil on your wedding day make sure it feels completely like ‘you’. Does it suit your personality and wedding style? Do you feel incredible in it? If you’re shouting yes, then you know you’ve made the right choice.

Written by Lottie - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets



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