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Outside, Inside: Bringing the Season to Your Wedding Table

September 25, 2014

Seasonable centrepieces are always a popular choice for those planning their weddings and with Autumn boasting an abundance of readily obtained elements of nature how could I not delve into a world of delicious fruits, hearty pumpkins and rustling leaves for some wonderful décor ideas.

Perfect if you are looking for do-it-yourself ideas or need to keep within a tight budget many of these fabulous Autumn themes can be sourced from a walk through the woods or from green fingered relatives and friends. With the addition of some seasonal flowers and ribbon and twine your guests will be amazed by the masterpieces you have created.

Bringing nature inside for your wedding theme
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Pumpkins can be used to create the most divine centrepieces from floral vases to candle holders. To create a pumpkin vase I would recommend you find some deep plastic pots which will be able to stand within the hollowed out pumpkin. Cut pieces of oasis to fit the pot and soak with water. You can then create a display of autumn foliage and berries, which will be readily available in an abundance of colours and shapes. Enhance with fruit, such as apples and pears, which can be speared onto wire canes. For a touch of sparkle why not cover your pumpkin with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Gold works particularly well with the orange skin. If you prefer a more traditional theme use flowers in shades of red, orange and yellow.

Harvest Festival

With Autumn being the season of harvest festival, fruits, gourds and sheaves of wheat make fabulous table decorations. Arrange fruit in baskets or wide necked vases with a hint of foliage and a simple yet effective centrepiece will become a talking point. For a more rustic arrangement, cover the outside of a basket with leaves or acorns and fill with berries, twigs and tonal flowers.

For a country theme tie large sheaves of wheat with a satin bow. Coordinate the ribbon to your wedding colours and you have an uncomplicated but oh so rustic display!


Small branches from trees inserted into a tall vase will give your centrepiece height and colour. Three quarters fill your vase with smooth stones, nuts or glass beads and ensure your branches are pushed firmly in. Choose branches with autumnal leaves or decorate bare twigs with glass beads, small blooms or ribbons.


A popular choice for tablescapes, candles provide an array of ideas for centrepiece inspiration. Logs or wooden platforms can be drilled out to hold delicate tea lights. Follow the tradition of pumpkin lanterns and carve out your table numbers. Larger pillar candles can be placed into vases of nuts or acorns or you can decorate clear glass candle holders with carefully chosen autumn leaves. Simply spray the leaves with adhesive and wrap them around the holder leaving the stem to hang below the glass base. These stems can then be trimmed off once the adhesive has held the leaves in place.

Written by Sue at Glitzy Secrets

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