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Oversized Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Head-Turning Style

August 27, 2017

If there’s one floral trend that you sure to be seeing everywhere right now, it’s oversized wedding bouquets. These big, beautiful arrangements are mobile masterpieces and they’re eye-catching in the extreme. The wedding world just LOVES big bouquets and if you’re crushing on them too, here are a few things to think about to make sure that your dramatic bouquet is absolutely perfect.

Dramatic Oversized Bouquets – The Practicalities

Now, before we get carried away talking about all the possibilities, let’s start with the practicalities. These are super important to confirm and then, with those boxes ticked, you can start to really get excited about your statement flowers. So, here are a few things to think about:

  • Size – well, obviously you want to go BIG with your bouquet but size is still crucial. Your bouquet will still need to be in proportion with you and your dress because you want to make the perfect statement, not look like you’re swamped by flowers. This is why planning on Pinterest can be tricky – it’s all very well to fall in love with a design online but be prepared to make adjustments when you visit your florist so that the finished bouquet works for you.
  • Shape – again, there are lots of different shapes of oversized bouquets as you’ll see in the images in this feature. Some are more horizontal than others, some are more asymmetrical, some feature grasses and feathers that seem to explode from the bouquet. There’s a wide choice – what appeals the most to you?
  • Weight – it’s definitely worth keeping in mind that a lot of the images that you’ll see of HUGE bouquets are taken from styled shoots, not real weddings. This means that the model is handed the bouquet, the photo is taken and then someone relieves her of her flowers. Big bouquets can be heavy and if you’re carrying them around all day, it’s going to be quite a workout for your arms. Do speak to your florist about the weight of the bouquet when you’re at the design stage so you’re comfortable with the heft of the finished arrangement.
  • Cost – I do hate to bring this up when we’re all feeling so inspired and in love with oversized bouquets but it’s really important to be prepared for a larger-than-average quote for your wedding flowers if you want a big bouquet. Obviously, the bigger the bouquet, the more flowers are required, the more time it takes to make and therefore the costlier it will be. If you’re on a strict budget, definitely speak to your florist so that they can plan accordingly and you don’t set your heart on something you can’t afford.

Oversized wedding bouquet inspiration

Images: Top Row Left via Glamour and Grace | Top Row Right via Junebug Weddings | Second Row Left via Brides | Second Row Right via Chic Vintage Brides | Third Row Left via Magnolia Rouge Instagram | Third Row Right via Green Wedding Shoes | Bottom Row Left via Root 75 | Bottom Row Right via Green Wedding Shoes (as before)

Dramatic Oversized Bouquets – The Possibilites

And here’s the more exciting and inspiring part of this feature – the possibilities that await with an oversized bouquet! And before you start thinking that I’m going to list them all out for you, you can stop right there! There’s absolutely no way that I can list all the styles of big bouquet because there are just too many but I will tell you that if you take a trip to Pinterest, you’ll be in for a real treat. I will, however, run through a few of my favourite looks right now:

  • Foliage – I absolutely love greenery and it looks spectacular in a dramatic bouquet. There’s a vaguely vintage feel about foliage that can span the 1920s and the 1970s so it works with lots of wedding themes. Bold botanicals will always get the thumbs up from me.
  • Brights – another bold look for sure but bright florals never fail to make me smile. These pops of colour manage to be gorgeous without being too serious and are perfect if you’re planning a relaxed, fun day.
  • Dutch Masters – these works of art are inspired by the paintings of the Dutch Masters and certainly look like they belong in a gallery. Think muted, moody colours, asymmetrical trailing florals and a darker, less dreamy style.
  • Country – I’m a country girl at heart so show me a bouquet that includes grasses, seeds, feathers and more countryside goodies and I’m in heaven. Perfect for autumnal weddings, rural affairs or rustic celebrations, these beauties are always stunning.
  • Neutrals – a bouquet that features just a few perfect, immaculate cream or white blooms alongside lush greenery is another gorgeous wedding look. Opt for big, showy flowers to contrast against the simple greenery and you’ve got a bouquet that will attract plenty of attention.

Oversized bridal bouquet inspiration

Images: Top Row Left via Boho Weddings | Top Row Right via Joy Wed | Second Row Left via 100 Layer Cake | Second Row Right via Wedding Chicks | Third Row Left via Green Wedding Shoes (as before) | Third Row Right via Nouba Blog on Instagram | Bottom Row via Amy Osaba Design


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