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Romantic Rustic Ideas for a Countryside Wedding

June 27, 2017

I’ll be honest – I’m definitely a country girl so if I was getting married, a rustic countryside wedding would probably be my style choice. And, I know I’m not alone because this look is so popular right now. Today then, let’s treat ourselves to and plan a fabulous country inspired wedding day…

For the ultimate countryside wedding, you need the perfect countryside wedding venue. A beautifully restored barn, surrounded by rolling fields, is an absolute must. Take a look at the fab selection of rustic wedding venues on Coco Wedding Venues and Country House Wedding Venues and you’ll have your perfect location booked in no time at all.

With the venue ticked off the to-do list, it’s time to get down to the serious business of styling your big day. The first place to start is by agreeing your colour scheme. I’d opt for a base of neutrals (think browns and creams) and then bring that to life with pinks and greens. The exact tones are totally your call and anything from pastels to more muted, almost vintage-inspired, shades will work well.

Inspiration for a rustic country wedding theme

Images: Top Row Left via Love My Dress | Top Row Right via Rock My Wedding | Second Row Left via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | Second Row Right via Roses of Grace Hair Flower by Glitzy Secrets | Third Row Left via Deer Pearl Flowers | Third Row Right via Hi Miss Puff | Bottom Row Left via Country House Wedding Venues | Bottom Row Right via Hello May

For your dress, an unstructured design is definitely the best. Forget the big skirts or the Princess styles because that’s just not country! When it comes to accessories, floral inspired pieces are definitely spot-on so a beautiful bridal hair flower or, if you’d prefer a more traditional wedding headpiece, the Dreams of Enchantment tiara by Glitzy Secrets would both be perfect.

The guys really have to embrace tweed for that country look and why not ditch the formal suits in favour of a mismatched trouser/waistcoat combo? Add in some brown brogues and you’ve got a great look that’s all kinds of gorgeous without being too formal.

When it comes to decorations for your rustic countryside wedding, you’ve got so many great options. Milk churns overflowing with flowers are really brilliant large-scale arrangements so use these as focal pieces instead of traditional pedestals. For tables, wooden crates look amazing full of flowers.

Romantic rustic wedding wedding inspiration

Images: Top Row Left via Love My Dress (as before) | Top Row Right via Pacific Weddings | Second Row Left - Dreams of Enchantment Tiara by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via Hi Miss Puff (as before) | Third Row via Rock My Wedding (as before) | Bottom Row Left via Tulle & Chantilly | Bottom Row Right via Foxtail Photography

You can also use wooden crates in lots of other ways too. How about setting out a crate for guests to put cards and presents in or stack crates at different heights, fill with flowers and seating cards for a rustic luxe table plan? An upturned crate makes an ace cake or drinks stand and you can also use crates to make fun games for your guests to play.

Rustic props will also make all the difference to the look and feel of your wedding day so think about including a few statement pieces. A big backdrop made from old wood and decorated with flowers would be amazing or you could opt for a ladder arrangement or some cool wedding signs.

Lastly, make sure that your guests have got the time and space to really enjoy your brilliant wedding day. Set up an outdoor seating area with hay bales and blankets so that everyone can soak up the beauty of the countryside on your special day.

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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